PZEM-004T New Version AC Single Phase 80-260V 100A TTL Modbus AC Power Energy Smart Meter Multi Ammeter

Product details
Name:Digital Ammeter;accessory:Open CT;
Certificate:CE FCC;Current test range:0-100A;
Model Number:PZEM-004T;Supply Voltage:80-260V;
Display Type:Digital Only;Accuracy Class:1.0;
Single gross weight:0.1 KG;Type:Panel Ammeter;
Brand Name:peacefair;Selling Units:Single item;
unit weight:79g;Measuring Range:0-100A;
Operating Temperature:-10-60 degree;Place of Origin:Zhejiang China;
Voltage test range:AC80-260V;Package Type:carton;
Dimensions:73.3*30mm;Single package size:11X8X5 cm;

PZEM-004T New Version AC Single Phase 80-260V 100A TTL Modbus AC Power Energy Smart Meter Multi Ammeter

This document describes the specification of the PZEM-004T AC communication module, the module is mainly used for measuring AC voltage, current, active power, frequency, power factor and active energy, the module is without display function, the data is read through the TTL interface.


Very Important Notification:

For this product PZEM-004T, we have the update version to replace the old version. The old version has been sold out and no produce anymore. The update information as following: 

1. the new version has the same size and TTL port as before

2. the software is new, we have English software as same as the PZEM-014,016, The communication protocol change to be Modbus–RTU, the display interface is changed. now it can test Voltage ,Current, Power, Power factor, Frequency and Energy 6 parameters.

3. the new version has higher precision, faster refresh speed and the more stability communication than the old version.

4. The new version increase a set for 0-10A

5. Now the product is still naked  PCB, but in the future we will have the good outside case.

Now you can still use the old link to submit the order, if there is any question, welcome to contact the service to get more information.


Product Type

Accuracy1.0 grade
Operating frequency45-65Hz
Dimension diagram73.3*30mm
Weight 90g
Test Range1.  Voltage:  80~260V
2.  Current:  0~100A 
3.  Power: 0~22kW
4.  Energy:  0~9999kWh

Current Range 




1  Voltage

 Measuring range:80~260V

2  Current

Measuring range:  0~100A(PZEM-004T-100A) 

3   Active power

 Measuring range: 0~23kW(PZEM-004T-100A) 

4   Power factor

Measuring range: 0.00~1.00 

5   Frequency

Measuring range: 45Hz~65Hz 

6   Active energy

Measuring range: 0~9999.99kWh


1.Function description

1.1   Voltage

1.1.1        Measuring range:80~260V

1.1.2        Resolution: 0.1V

1.1.3        Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

1.2   Current

1.2.1        Measuring range: 0~10A(PZEM-004T-10A); 0~100A(PZEM-004T-100A)

1.2.2        Starting measure current: 0.01A(PZEM-004T-10A); 0.02A(PZEM-004T-100A)

1.2.3        Resolution: 0.001A

1.2.4        Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

1.3   Active power

1.3.1        Measuring range: 0~2.3kW(PZEM-004T-10A); 0~23kW(PZEM-004T-100A)

1.3.2        Starting measure power: 0.4W

1.3.3        Resolution: 0.1W

1.3.4        Display format:

<1000W, it display one decimal, such as: 999.9W

≥1000W, it display only integer, such as: 1000W

1.3.5        Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

1.4   Power factor

1.4.1        Measuring range: 0.00~1.00

1.4.2        Resolution: 0.01

1.4.3        Measurement accuracy: 1%

1.5   Frequency

1.5.1        Measuring range: 45Hz~65Hz

1.5.2        Resolution: 0.1Hz

1.5.3        Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

1.6   Active energy

1.6.1        Measuring range: 0~9999.99kWh

1.6.2        Resolution: 1Wh

1.6.3        Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

1.6.4        Display format:

<10kWh, the display unit is Wh(1kWh=1000Wh), such as: 9999Wh

≥10kWh, the display unit is kWh, such as: 9999.99kWh

1.6.5        Reset energy: use software to reset.

1.7   Over power alarm

Active power threshold can be set, when the measured active power exceeds the threshold, it can alarm

1.8   Communication interface

RS485 interface.

2   Communication protocol

2.1   Physical layer protocol

Physical layer use UART to RS485 communication interface

Baud rate is 9600, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity

2.2   Application layer protocol

The application layer use the Modbus-RTU protocol to communicate. At present, it only supports function codes such as 0x03 (Read Holding Register), 0x04 (Read Input Register), 0x06 (Write Single Register), 0x41 (Calibration), 0x42 (Reset energy).etc.

0x41 function code is only for internal use (address can be only 0xF8), used for factory calibration and return to factory maintenance occasions, after the function code to increase 16-bit password, the default password is 0x3721

The address range of the slave is 0x01 ~ 0xF7. The address 0x00 is used as the broadcast address, the slave does not need to reply the master. The address 0xF8 is used as the general address, this address can be only used in single-slave environment and can be used for calibration etc.operation.

2.3    Read the measurement result

The command format of the master reads the measurement result is(total of 8 bytes):

Slave Address + 0x04 + Register Address High Byte + Register Address Low Byte + Number of Registers High Byte + Number of Registers Low Byte + CRC Check High Byte + CRC Check Low Byte.

The command format of the reply from the slave is divided into two kinds:

Correct Reply: Slave Address + 0x04 + Number of Bytes + Register 1 Data High Byte + Register 1 Data Low Byte + ... + CRC Check High Byte + CRC Check Low Byte

Error Reply: Slave address + 0x84 + Abnormal code + CRC check high byte + CRC check low byte

Abnormal code analyzed as following (the same below)

l  0x01,Illegal function

l  0x02,Illegal address

l  0x03,Illegal data

l  0x04,Slave error

The register of the measurement results is arranged as the following table

Register address




Voltage value

1LSB correspond to 0.1V      


Current value low 16 bits

1LSB correspond to 0.001A


Current value high 16 bits


Power value low 16 bits

1LSB correspond to 0.1W


Power value high 16 bits


Energy value low 16 bits

1LSB correspond to 1Wh


Energy value high 16 bits


Frequency value

1LSB correspond to 0.1Hz


Power factor value

1LSB correspond to 0.01


Alarm status

0xFFFF is alarm,0x0000is not alarm

For example, the master sends the following command (CRC check code is replaced by 0xHH and 0xLL, the same below)

0x01 +  0x04 + 0x00 + 0x00 + 0x00 + 0x0A + 0xHH + 0xLL

Indicates that the master needs to read 10 registers with slave address 0x01 and the start address of the register is 0x0000

The correct reply from the slave is as following:

0x01 + 0x04 + 0x14 + 0x08 + 0x98 + 0x03 + 0xE8+0x00 + 0x00 +0x08 + 0x98+ 0x00 + 0x00 + 0x00 + 0x00 + 0x00 + 0x00 + 0x01 + 0xF4 + 0x00 + 0x64 + 0x00 + 0x00 + 0xHH + 0xLL

The above data shows

l  Voltage is 0x0898, converted to decimal is 2200, display 220.0V

l  Current is 0x000003E8, converted to decimal is 1000, display 1.000A

l  Power is 0x00000898, converted to decimal is 2200, display 220.0W

l  Energy is 0x00000000, converted to decimal is 0, display 0Wh

l  Frequency is 0x01F4, converted to decimal is 500, display 50.0Hz

l  Power factor is 0x0064, converted to decimal is 100, display 1.00

l  Alarm status is 0x0000, indicates that the current power is lower than the alarm power threshold



Q: Can I get better price?
A: Prices are different for different order quantity and specific demands. We would like to offer you very good price to help you enlarge

    the market share.

Q: Are factory or only company?
A: We are factory of AC DC digital panel meter .

Q: How about the shipping cost?
A: If your goods is small for LCL, we can send goods to you via counier, such as FEDEX,TNT,there is good rate from our side.
    If your goods is FCL, it need be sent via sea, we can send you frieght quotations DDU or FOB,CIF, you can choose whether use our

    forwarder or yours.

Q: How about the sample time? What is the payment?
A: You can come to my official store in aliexpress to place the sample order, we will ship it out with in 3-5 days after the payment.
    T/T,30% deposit, 70% against bill of lading copy, LC at sight, alibaba trade assurance etc,we can talk all the possibilities.

Q: Is your product in good quality?
A: The quality is depended on the price.And it is better to purchase the sample to test the quality first,then place an order.

Q: Could you make OEM with our logo?
A: Yeah,we have factory to produce the goods to you with your own logo..It depend on your quantity.

Q: Why do I choose you?
A: 1): Reliable---we are the real company, we dedicate in win-win
    2): Professional---we offer the newest digital panel meter.
    3): Factory---we are the manufacturer, so we have the Stable product source,reliable technical support and reasonable price

Q: Where is your Loading Port?
A: Ningbo,China
    Shanghai, China
    Other China port is accepted.

Q: How to control Quality of Mass?
A: We have our own QC Team (5 workers). Every step of mass production will be inspected in time.

Q: How long will you guarantee the mass quality?
A: We will be responsible for our mass even the mass are in your warehouse. We Trust our Quality.
    Almost more than 95% clients will cooperated with us for long time from 1st order.

Q: Is there any tracking Number for my order?
A: Yes, after we ship the cargo, we will provide the tracking number for your order to you, and
    you can view the shipment status on the corresponding shipping company website.

Q: Do you offer retail service?
A: Yes, we have an official store on aliexpress, If you need retail service you can come here.

Q: Can we visit your factory?
A: Sure, our factory is in Ningbo. Pls let us know when you come, we will pick up you at airport.



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