Puhui factory best price desktop mini reflow oven for pcb soldering T-962C

Product details
Packaging Details:cartoon packagingMarketing Type:New Products 2022
payment terms:wire transferVideo shipment inspection:if
Applicable industries:mechanical repair shopMechanical test report:if
Weight (kg):25 kgMain selling points:precise temperature control
Origin:Shandong ChinaPackage preview:
Showroom location:IndiaCore components:engine
weight:29 kgWarranty:1 year, 1 year
brand:Pratt & WhitneyCore component warranty:1 year
temperature range:0-280℃Health status:new, new
usage:SMT reflow soldering, SMT reflow solderingSolder area:400*600mm
type:reflow solderingaspect:68*52.5*25cm
Nominal Duty Cycle:100%current:10A
Product Description

T-962C Lead-free BGA desktop infraredReflow oven 

1. Description

1. The product adopts a high-speed and stable main control MCU, combined with advanced intelligent temperature measurement and control technology, with fine temperature measurement and temperature control.

2. The product has a temperature correction and compensation function, which reduces the requirements for the machine's operating environment and enables the machine to maintain a stable temperature measurement quality in a temperature-changing environment.

3. The product has the function of timing and constant temperature, which keeps the machine in a constant temperature environment and meets the diverse needs of users.

4. The product is equipped with PC-side control software, and operations such as heating curve editing and management are simplified.

5. The control software equipped with the product provides a variety of curve input, which is convenient for the setting of various curves.

6. The control software has an original graphic curve display module, which can display curves dynamically in real time, realize what you see is what you get, and intuitively display abstract graphics to users.

7. The control software provides a variety of solder paste data, and users can set curves for reference.


temperature wave
8 wave internal machine
Compatible with most welding processes
connect computer
Change or edit a particular wave
Constant temperature function
Room temperature -350°C

voltage and power

welding area

detailed image

Mechanical Parts

Product Name: Reflow Soldering Chip

Brand: Pratt & Whitney

Original: China

high performance chip


Name: Infrared Lamp
Brand: Pratt & Whitney
Original: China
Domestic high-quality heater, stable heating

Mechanical Parts

Name:cooling fan
Brand: Pratt & Whitney
Country of Origin: China
Strong cooling capacity, make the temperature wave run well.

Mechanical Parts

Name: viewing window
Brand: Pratt & Whitney
Original: China
See clearly and stay warm and in good shape.

Reflow Oven T962C Front View

Reflow Oven T962C Rear View