Direct drive friction welding machine high precision friction welding machine

Product details
Warranty:1 yearVoltage:380V
aspect:Different models, different sizesbrand:combined forces
Health status:newRotating clamp clamping length:20-300mm
Core components:PLC, engine, bearing, motor, gearVideo outbound inspection:if
Mechanical test report:ifPost-warranty service:Video technical support, online support,
Showroom location:not anyMaximum upsetting force:25-1200KN
Weight (kg):8000kgaspect:custom made
Rotating speed:rely onPlace of origin:Liaoning, China
Packaging details:Export standard packaging, wooden box wrapping film. Also according to customer requirements.Marketing type:normal product
Welding diameter:3-150mmCore component warranty:1 year
Main selling points:Low maintenance costs and high productivitytype:friction welding machine
usage:Metal welding, friction welding machineMoving clamp clamping length:80-450mm or no limit
payment terms:L/C, Western Union, D/P, D/A, T/T, MoneyGramApplicable industries:Energy & Mining, Oilfield Parts, Agriculture & Trucking, Aircraft/Aerospace, Bimetal & Specialty
Rated Capacity:100%
product description
Worth mentioning are the single-head or double-head (1 ton to 500 ton) welders on the "Joinforces" friction welding machine platform. Even more popular with customers is the "Joinforces" brand friction welding machine owned by Zhonghe Machinery Technology, which can be customized to provide customers with various loading and unloading automation systems. It can also design and configure other related operating functions such as manipulators to make friction welding work more efficient.
1. Easily connect dissimilar metals. This means the ability to use more expensive corrosion-resistant materials when needed, and
Use a less resistant but sufficiently strong material where it is not needed on the same part.
2. The welding process consumes its own base material to achieve metallurgical bonding and produce a friction welded joint.
The strength of forged quality.
3. The entire surface of the cross section is composed of two metals, airtight and void-free. Friction welding is generally less expensive because
There are no consumables such as filler metal flux.
product specifications
product name
Rotary friction welding machine
Maximum upsetting force
Welding diameter
Rotating clamp clamping length
Moving clamp clamping length
80-450mm or no limit
Maximum working stroke
Rotating speed
500-1800 rpm depending on the situation
1. Cluster gear section
2. Cluster Gear
3. Inconel 718 tube to rotor assembly 4. low compression titanium
5. Welded jet engine compressor rotor
oilfield works
1.Butterfly valve. Forged stainless steel extensions welded to investment mold
Cast stainless steel butterfly valve
oil field works
2. High pressure valve body. Forged flange welded to forged valve body
oilfield works
3. High pressure valve body weld section.
oilfield works
4. Geological core drilling rig. SAE4140 end blanks are welded to SAE4140 tubing.
5. Sucker rod. Threaded end fitting attached to forged sucker rod.
oil field works
6. Oil well drill pipe. Close-up of drill pipe joint with drill pipe weld. Female end.
7. Oil well drill pipe. Close-up of drill pipe joint with drill pipe weld. Male end.

oil field works
8. Cross section of inertia welded manifold for oil wellhead.
2. Mortar wheel.
3. Copper alloy tape to 30mm
Steel body.
5. Impact wrench extension.
6. The copper alloy rotating belt is radially welded on the 155mm alloy steel ejection body and section.
7. Experimental aluminum soot slurry.
Bimetals and special applications
1. Carbon steel/stainless steel marine outboard motor drive shaft
2. Bimetallic pump motor shaft. Stainless steel stub connected to carbon steel shaft
For corrosion resistance.
3. Inertial welding copper and aluminum tensile specimens.
Bimetals and special applications
5. Various aluminum/copper electrical examples
Connectors and threaded titanium/copper electrode studs.

Bimetals and special applications
6. Aluminum/stainless steel copier fuser roller.
7. Use an "interrupted" welding cycle to complete the pin head.
8. Solid 2219 aluminum/304 stainless steel tube.
9. Transition joints for low temperature applications. Inconel to aluminum
Agriculture and freight
1. Water pump gear.
2.Inertial cross section
Welded diesel engine pre-combustion chamber - SAE5120.
3. Water pump - welding status
Agriculture and freight
4. Water pump - completed.
5. Diesel engine piston.
Agriculture and freight
6. Support roller. The forged halves are welded together to produce the track wheel assembly.
7. Steel backing, bronze laminated thrust washer and sleeve welded together
Manufacture of track roller bushings. Replaced expensive solid bronze castings.
8. 4 in. (101.6 mm) diameter bar stock welded to hub forging to produce rear
Tractor axle.
9. Truck trailer brake S-cam.
10. Forged axle connection diameter is 5 inches (127 mm), 0.5 inches (12.7 mm)
Wall tubes for the production of trailer axles.
Agriculture and freight
1. Lift the screw. roll
The thread stock is cut to length and welded to the threaded end.
2. Lift the connecting rod ball socket. Forged joints welded to pipe and rod.
3.Truck rear suspension
Connectors welded on twin 150 Inertia Welder. The orientation of both ends is within ±1°
4. Torsion bar. Forged Eye
Welded to various rods
Stock length.
Agriculture and freight
5.Hydraulic piston rod. Rod eye cut from thick wall
The tubes are welded to pre-chromed rod stock.
6. Track adjustment yoke for commercial track vehicles.
7. Hydraulic piston rod.
8. Bars are welded to U-shaped forgings for manufacturing
Large (5 in. (127 mm) diameter and larger) piston rods.
Agriculture and freight
1. Motor grader power control drive shaft. An inertial weldment replaces an upset forging that required five straightening operations (left).
2. Universal joint U-shaped clamp.
3. Front axle fork shaft of four-wheel drive vehicle. SAE1040 bar stock to
SAE 1040 Yoke Forgings.
1. Driver’s side airbag inflator–
cross section.
2. Passenger side airbag.
3. Hybrid passenger side
Air bag inflator.
4. Driver and passenger side
Air bag inflator.
5. Side impact airbags
6. Passenger side airbag
Inflator and cross section
7. Aluminum rims and cross sections.
8 Forgings can be welded to rod, tube, plate, etc., as shown in these drive shafts.
9. Experimental aluminum suspension links.
10. Experimental chassis components.
11. Cage - differential bearing blank cross
section (left). Transaxle bearing housing retainer (right).
12. Transmission part
1. Hollow engine valve
Lightweight and liquid cooled
2. Flange shaft.
3. Hollow automobile rear axle experiment. The pipe is welded to the hub forging and spline blank. Replaces solid forging to save weight.
4. Bimetallic engine exhaust valve, showing head and stem components, valve in welded state, and welded valve with flash removed by shearing.
5. Automatic transmission output shaft. Stamped steel flange welded to bar
8. Alternator bracket. Rods welded to plates replaced forgings.
9. Viscous drive fan coupling. Replace forgings.
10. Start pinion assembly. Sintered steel gears are welded to the sleeve.
11. Automobile hydraulic jack. Made of tubes and sheets.
12. The cross section of the hydraulic jack shows 2 tubular welds which are
Simultaneously fabricated onto the substrate.
13. Speed ​​selector shaft. Mild steel yoke welded to SAE1045 shaft replacement pin mounted assembly
1. Tool steel to carbon steel drill bit.
2. Twist drill rough. Welding blank made from M10 tool
Steel body and SAE4140 handle.
3. Countersunk. High speed steel (M2, M42) head
Welded to mild steel (1020) shank.
4. Keyway milling cutter and T-slot milling cutter. The welding blank is made of
AISI 6145 shank and M4 tool steel bit.
7..375 in. (9.5 mm) diameter studs welded to backing plate.
8. Lift the screw assembly. Acme threaded rod welded to clevis
9. Complete the balls and mounting studs.
10. Outboard motor flywheel ring gear. The forged hub is welded to the stamped and heat-treated ring gear.
11. Forged eyelets are welded to the bar.
12. Actuating arm of sewing machine.
1. Composite driver
2. Mining position.
3. Micro welding applications.
4. Lightweight hydraulic piston.
5. High voltage contact. Cu-Cr to W-Cu.
6. Diesel engine cylinder.