USB interface PCB schematic layout engineer design service

Product details
brand:PCB design serviceMaterial:FR4/Aluminum/Ceramic CEM1
Substrate:FR-4 glass epoxyPackaging Details:Bubble bag inside, international standard carton outside
Copper thickness:0.5 oz - 6.0 ozminute. line width:3 million
pack:vacuum packagingLayers:1-32 liters
MOQ:1minute. Hole size:6mil, 4mil-laser drill
model:YD-D032payment terms:L/C, T/T
Origin:Guangdong, ChinaPCB standard:IPC-A-610D/IPC-III standard
Plate thickness:1.6 mmPCBA service:SMT DIP parts assembly
Surface treatment:tin, nickelport:Shenzhen
minute. Line spacing:3 millioncolor:red blue green black white
Supply capacity:500000 pieces per monthproduct name:Custom soft and hard PCB
Board size:Maximum 600 X 1200MMapplication:Large, medium and small projects
Serve:Provide OEM service
Product Description

 Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing


No. thing Specification
PCB Manufacturing Capability
1 PCB layers 1 to 32 floors
2 PCB board material type CEM-1, FR4, High TG FR4, ALU, CEM-3, Rogers, HDI, etc.
3 biggest size 600×1200 mm
4 Minimum Line Width 0.1mm
5 Minimum spacing 0.1mm
6 Dimensional tolerance ±0.1 mm
7 minimum aperture 0.2mm
8 PCB board thickness coverage 0.2 to 6.0mm
9 Minimum copper thickness in the hole 0.02mm
10 DK thickness 0.08 to 6.0 mm
11 NPTH Dimensional Tolerance ±0.025mm
12 Plated Through Hole Dimensional Tolerance ±0.025mm
13 Dimensional tolerance ±0.1mm
14 Hole tolerance 0.075 mm
15 Laser drilling size 0.1mm
16 Minimal Sun Mask 0.01mm
number 17 Minimum Dimensions of Solder Mask Spacer Ring 0.05 mm
18 Maximum plate twist and wrap ≤1%
19 Finished aperture 0.2 to 6.0 mm
20 flame retardant 94V-0
twenty one Impedance Control Tolerance ±5%
twenty two Outer copper thickness 8.75 to 175 microns
twenty three Inner layer copper thickness 17.5 to 175 microns
twenty four Solder mask type blue, green, black, yellow, red, white
25 surface finish Immersion gold, gold plating, immersion silver, immersion tin, etc.
26 Certificate ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO14969
Production Process



our service


Capabilities and scope of services:
♦PCB circuit layout and production
❖Plastic and Metal Housing Design Service
❖Customized product packaging design
♦SMT/SMD parts assembly and diP through-hole soldering (PCBA)
♦IC programming software (pre-programming), PCBA function test and verification
Complete product assembly (including plastic, metal casing, PCBA main board, cables, switches and other components, etc.)
♦RoHS environmental protection material supply
❖ Logistics arrangements, import and export of goods from China


Packaging and Shipping