Double Sided Spot Battery Welding Machine Automatic For Cylindrical Lithium Battery

Product details

Hualianneng-DH-SM01 is mainly used for welding the battery and the nickel strip in the cylindrical battery PACK, and the welding tension between the battery and the nickel is ≥30N, suitable for spot welding lithium battery of the electric motorcycle,electric car, solar street lighting and electric tools. This equipment adopts high precision closed-loop motor, high precision guide rail, equipped with DC inverter welding power source, welding head with photoelectric system to real-time check nickel strip position, adjustable welding pressure, which ensure the battery welding strength, tidy uniform welds. Movement control CARDS embedded system + human-machine interface, easy operation, multi-function system with variety of programming model, can store Max 999 groups for editing different battery PACK data. Fast switching,high automation, good stability.

Double  Side 18650 Battery Spot Welding Machine Battery PACK Automatic Spot Welding Machine
Operation Voltage
AC 220 V/380 V± 10% 50 Hz
Rated Power 
≤5000 W
Power Type
Energy Storage DC/AC/DC
Application Battery
Cylindrical Battery
Max Loading Battery Qty
500 PCS
Welding Stroke
550(X)*400(Y)*80(Z) mm
Times of the Spot Welding
1-4 times/Hole(Adjustable)
Welding Efficiency
0.3-0.5 S/Spot
Nickle Plate Thickness
≤0.2 mm
Pneumatic Pressure
0.3-0.5 Mpa
Actuate Ratio
Net Weight
260 kg
1300(L)×900(W)×1813(H) mm

Product Specification

1. The welding voltage locking technology prevents the network voltage fluctuation from affecting the welding current; 2. Adjustable welding pulse width, small welding spatter, welds color no changing. 3. Two sections current monitoring and comparing function, abnormal current sound and light alarm, effectively preventing the rosin joint. 4. Fault self-diagnosis function, display the corresponding fault points,convenient maintenance. 5. Motion control card embedded programming module, automatically generate the welding pole movement track and save it in the system file through inputing the space and group number after confirming the relevant position. Super simple and easy to learn programming 6. 999 groups welding program and parameters data storage capacity in the system, switching program per different products. 7. Display screen: Touchable microcomputer, easy operation, multi-function, real-time monitoring the operation status & target capacity. 8. The welding pole equipped with photoelectric induction to ensure that the nickel strip located in position before spot welding, eliminating the false welding from the root.