WIP-70A-05YC/WIT-70A(YPB-200) Customized Inverter DC Resistance Welding Power Source Portable Spot Welding Machine

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  • Region: Shanghai, China
  • Price: $10600.00 / 1 - 4 sets
    $9800.00 / 5 - 9 sets
    $9600.00 / 10 - 49 sets
    $9400.00 / >=50 sets
  • Min. Order: 1 set
Product details
Main selling points:multifunctionalPower output structure:pre-out
Primary voltage:380v three phaseWeight (kg):40.5 kg
Video shipment inspection:ifHealth status:new
Packaging Details:Standard export packaging: inner carton with anti-collision protection, outer export wooden boxApplicable welding materials:metal spot welding
feature:Intermediate frequency inverter DC outputaspect:275*200*510 (H*W*L)mm/ 175(H)*200(W)*420(L)mm
Power (kW):29kVACore components:Drive module, power module
place of origin; place of origin:China Shanghaiport:Shanghai, Shenzhen
frequency:2K Hzpayment terms:L/C, Western Union, T/T, MoneyGram, PayPal
Showroom location:not anyApplicable industries:Relay industry, automotive electronics, micro-motor industry, lighting industry, low-voltage electrical appliance industry, electric light source industry, photovoltaic industry, optical communication industry
Certification:CE certificationCore component warranty:1 year
usage:resistance weldingID:accept customization
Power cooling method:Air cooling/water cooling optionalMaximum output current:7000A
Marketing Type:New Products 2020Warranty:1 year
Mechanical test report:ifSupply capacity:30 sets per month
Product Description

Principle and advantages of resistance welding
Resistance welding is a method of pressing the workpiece to be welded between two electrodes and applying a current, using the resistance heat generated by the current flowing through the contact surface of the workpiece and the adjacent area, to process it into a molten or plastic state, so as to achieve the purpose of welding. form a metal bond. When the performance of the welding material, the plate thickness and the welding specification are constant, the control accuracy and stability of the welding equipment determine the welding quality.
Main description of YOLI DC INVERT resistance welding products
Our inverter DC resistance welding machine series adopts reliable and durable IGBT transistor inverter technology and current feedback pulse width modulation (PWN) technology to obtain stable constant current output. Due to the high frequency of feedback control, it is beneficial to the control of welding quality. Secondly, the inverter rectification method can conveniently make the effective value of the welding current change regularly with time, and can make the welding time control more accurate. The accuracy of welding time is millisecond level, which can be controlled arbitrarily, providing effective guarantee for spot welding quality. Continuous DC output, continuous accumulation of welding heat, high thermal efficiency and fast welding speed. The DC output is stable, there is no peak current, and the nugget is not easy to crack and splash.
Basic principle and process of Yoli resistance welding machine:
It can weld various special materials, especially suitable for precision connection of stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel, titanium, magnesium, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, silver, platinum, zirconium, uranium, beryllium, lead and their alloys. Applications include micro-motor terminals and enameled wires, plug-in components, batteries, optoelectronics, cables, piezoelectric crystals, sensitive components and sensors, capacitors and other electronic components, medical devices, enameled wires for various small coil electronic components requiring direct soldering, micro-soldering Other spot welding equipment cannot meet the welding process requirements in occasions with high welding requirements.
main feature
1. YPB-200 remote control parameter setting 2. YPB-200 3.7-inch TFT color screen touch system supports hot swap, easy to operate. 4. Easy to integrate in automation equipment 5. Built-in Yoli interactive communication protocol, which can be directly controlled by PLC 6. Built-in displacement and pressure monitoring module, external optional pressure sensor and displacement sensor 7. Interrupt function, the use of interrupt function can avoid welding After excessive deformation and overheating, so as to obtain a stable and continuous welding effect. The ideal deformation is preset through the Yoli displacement monitoring module. During the welding process, once the actual deformation reaches the set value, the power supply is terminated and the welding is completed. 8.4 Control mode: constant secondary current, constant secondary voltage, constant secondary power, constant pulse width. 9. The current can be increased or decreased slowly, effectively avoiding the formation of spatter and poor nugget during welding. Can achieve excellent physical properties 10. DC output, high thermal efficiency, fast welding speed. 11. Real-time display of current and voltage waveforms and average values. 12. Welding pulsation: 1~9 12. 31 sets of welding parameter storage and copy function, convenient for welding various workpieces. 13. Energy saving and high efficiency.
Our advantage
1.1kHZ control frequency of fast closed-loop feedback control. Quickly adjust the output current to ensure that it is consistent with the set parameter value, ensure the accuracy and consistency of the actual output current, and avoid virtual welding and welding slag. 2. Three welding discharge sections with independent parameters (see parameter table), with wider process adaptability. 3. The upper and lower limit monitoring function of current and voltage, the monitoring range is adjustable, and defective products can be automatically detected. 4. Automatic counting function of welding seam, multiple counting methods to meet the counting requirements of different occasions. 5. A variety of fast and sensitive self-protection functions: overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, temperature overheating protection, overload protection, self-diagnosis function, etc., to ensure the safety of power supply. 6. Powerful external communication function, suitable for automation applications: preparation, welding start, fault, counting signal, welding stop, abnormal reset, power failure, specification call, etc., RS232 data communication port (optional). 7. Multiple anti-jamming technologies to filter out various interference signals from the power grid, prevent the power switch circuit itself from forming high-frequency crosstalk to the power grid, and ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment. 8. Data storage without battery life issues.
detailed drawing
Three welding discharge sections with independent parameters. The welding process parameters and waveform can be adjusted more accurately according to the characteristics of the workpiece to find the best welding process.
Real-time current, voltage, and power welding waveform monitoring, effectively tracking welding quality, and analyzing the cause of welding failure.
Current and voltage upper and lower limit monitoring function, the monitoring range is adjustable, and defective products are automatically detected.
Why choose us
1. We have been focusing on the field of precision resistance welding for 12 years and have rich industry cases.
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Welding samples
our service pre-sale service1. Help customers analyze product solutions and provide professional welding solutions. 2. Free samples for trial welding. 3. Skilled fixture design service. 4. Provide shipping/delivery information query service. 5. 24-hour feedback speed of other people's emails. 6. View our factoryAfter-sales service1. Training how to install and use the equipment through online or video technical support. 2. Engineers can provide welding process guidance and solve various technical problems in the use of equipment. 3. We provide 1 year (12 months) quality guarantee. During the warranty period, if the machine has any quality problems, we will replace you with new parts for free, and send them to you by express with our freight. And provide technical consultants at any time. If worse, we can send our engineer to your factory.