Custom Electronic Assembly PCBA Smps Pcb Design STB Power Board

Product details
Substrate:FR4payment terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
brand:Front Nixplace of origin; place of origin:Zhejiang, China
Supply capacity:100000 pieces/monthport:Hangzhou
Plate thickness:0.2-1.6mm




We have a professional component procurement team, PTH and SMD assembly lines, strict QC, and fast delivery.





Routing, punching, V-CUT, chamfering



hole size

Diameter: 0.2 mm. Line width and spacing: 6 million

Maximum panel size

18" x 24"

plate thickness

0.4 - 3.2mm






HAL, lead-free HAL, ENIG/Immersion Gold, OSP



Frantronix is ​​our brand dedicated to providing our customers with quality and reliable products delivered on time at reasonable prices. Based on an ongoing training and development program for our employees, we ensure that our employees fully understand the needs and expectations of our customers.


We have a professional R&D team specializing in the design and development of various electronic products. We operate on our internal systems and serve our clients in a professional and efficient manner.



PCBA production line SMT and THT


  SMT assembly capacity 100 000 points/hour















Automatic solder paste printer for accurate solder joint placement


Our factory operates three consecutive shifts within 24 hours to ensure high output.




Our research and development capabilities


We have a professional R&D team to provide customers with innovative and efficient designs and services.





Why choose us?




- We can do PCB fabrication, component assembly, wire harness assembly, box assembly, component molding and electrical testing.


- We are ISO9001 and ROSH certified if required.


- We buy materials from original companies and distributors.


- We manufacture products through a strict engineering process.


- We have strict inspection process.


- We send products in anti-static packaging and carton.




Quote Request for PCB and PCB Assembly:




- PCB Gerber file and Bom list;
- quantity;
- the technical requirements of the cited reference;
- A clear sample picture of the PCB or PCB assembly (if available).
- PCB Assembly Test Procedure