Single T Shape Partition Wall Panel Extrusion Machine

Product details

Single L Shape Partition Wall Panel Extrusion Machine


Product intruduction

JQT special-shaped lightweight partition wall panel extrusion machine, the main models are 90, 100,

120, 150 and 200, which are divided into single L, single T, double L, double T and T+L types 10 A variety of models.

The JQT special-shaped lightweight partition wall panel extruder reduces the installation difficulty of the

wall at the corners of the "yin and yang corners" during the construction process, and reaches the installation

standard of fast, time-saving and straight wall panels, and the connection between the panels is more stable,

To enhance the integrity and stability of the wall.

The JQT special-shaped lightweight partition wall panel extruder makes the corner wall and the main wall

firmly and seamlessly connected, the wall panel and the joint, the wall panel and the building beams form a

whole, reducing the corner wall cracks of the house.


Working principle
This machine integrates the multi-processes of cloth, vibration, forming and demoulding produced by

lightweight partition board: the main motor transmits the power to the reduction box through the pulley,

and the output shaft of the reduction box drives the spiral stirring knife in the frame (wall Plate), vibrator

and pedestal constitute the forming cavity to rotate; the light mixture from the hopper is continuously

conveyed to the forming cavity, and the light mixture is squeezed by the spiral stirring knife in the forming

cavity and the vibrator is continuous Under the dual action of vibrating, it produces resonance and is

continuously squeezed and compacted, and reaches the required shape, size and compactness. At the

same time, the vibrated and compacted strip produces a reaction force against the rotating stirring knife,

pushing the extruder continuously Advance to achieve continuous plate making.



ModelBoard specificationSpeedPower(kw)DimensionWeight
 H(mm)W(mm)No. of holeDia of hole(mm)(m/min)MotorVibratorL*W*H(cm)kg
JQT90 L902954



JQT100 L1002954





Main characteristic
1. High degree of mechanization; hydraulic lifting. Can save raw materials: broken steel wire can be

manually connected and used.

2. Channel steel track can be omitted, which saves the cost of making the pedestal, reduces the difficulty

of production, and improves the precision of production.

3. Long service life, the main wearing parts can reach more than 80,000 meters, the vibration plate can

reach more than 100,000 meters, and the side wall board can reach more than 60,000 meters.