Lightweight Cement Partition Wall Panel Extruder

Product details

Lightweight Cement Partition Wall Panel Extrusion Machine


Product Introduction
The JQT series lightweight partition wall panel extruder adopts the newly created, random tensioning and

burying of the upper and lower protective layer steel bars or pre-tensioning the upper and lower protective

layer steel bars, ordinary silica cement or Portland cement as the gelling agent, low carbon Steel wire is

used as a reinforcing material, and expanded perlite, ceramsite, slag, fly ash, water slag, river sand, etc.

are used as aggregates, which integrates the multiple processes required by the traditional manual drawing

mold, ground mold or vertical mold board process One body, once formed by this machine. With novel

technology and advanced technology, it reduces product cost and improves product quality and production

efficiency. It is the core equipment for the production of lightweight partition panels.


Working principle
This machine integrates the multi-processes of cloth, vibration, forming and demoulding produced by

lightweight partition board: the main motor transmits the power to the reduction box through the pulley, and

the output shaft of the reduction box drives the spiral stirring knife in the frame (wall Plate), vibrator and

pedestal constitute the forming cavity to rotate; the light mixture from the hopper is continuously conveyed to

the forming cavity, and the light mixture is squeezed by the spiral stirring knife in the forming cavity and the

vibrator is continuous Under the dual action of vibrating, it produces resonance and is continuously squeezed

and compacted, and reaches the required shape, size and compactness. At the same time, the vibrated and

compacted strip produces a reaction force against the rotating stirring knife, pushing the extruder continuously

Advance to achieve continuous plate making. The top of the board is polished through the forming scraper

at the end of the machine.



ModelBoard specificationSpeedPower(kw)Lifetime of(km)DimensionWeight
 H(mm)W(mm)No. of holeDia of hole(mm)(m/min)MotorVibratorMixing bladeL*W*H(cm)kg



Main characteristic

1. High efficiency, 0.8-3.2 meters per minute can be produced.

2. The board density is uniform, which changes the situation that the board at the boundary between the

left-handed and right-handed knives has low strength and is easy to crack from there after assembly.

3. High degree of mechanization; full hydraulic lifting. Saving raw materials: Broken steel wires can be

manually connected and used; the produced slats can be produced to reach the end reinforcement, so

that there is no waste of steel and mixed materials at the end of the pedestal, and the utilization rate of

the pedestal is improved.

4. Channel steel track can be omitted, saving the cost of making the pedestal, reducing the difficulty of

production, and improving the precision of production.

5. Long service life, the main wearing parts can be more than 80,000 meters, the vibration plate can be

more than 100,000 meters, and the side wall board can be more than 60,000 meters.