Lightweight Partition Extrusion Wall Panel Extruder

Product details

Double Layers of Hole Lightweight Partition Extrusion Machine


Product Introduction
The JQT double-hole lightweight partition wall panel extruder adopts the newly created, random

tensioning and burying process of burying the upper and lower protective layer steel bars or

pre-tensioning the upper and lower protective layer steel bars. Normal silica cement or Portland

cement is used as the gelling agent. Low-carbon steel wire is used as a reinforcing material,

expanded perlite, ceramsite, slag, fly ash, water slag, river sand, etc. are used as aggregates,

and the multiple processes required by the traditional manual drawing mold, ground mold or vertical

mold board process Set in one, forming by this machine at one time. With novel technology and

advanced technology, it reduces product cost and improves product quality and production efficiency.

It is the core equipment for the production of lightweight partition panels.

Supporting auxiliary machines: batching machine, special mixer for light aggregate concrete,

special cutting machine, crusher, feeder truck, pallet truck, plate lifter, slat hoist.



Working principle
This machine integrates the multi-processes of cloth, vibration, forming and demoulding produced by

lightweight partition board: the main motor transmits the power to the reduction box through the pulley,

and the output shaft of the reduction box drives the spiral stirring knife in the frame (wall Plate), vibrator

and pedestal constitute the forming cavity to rotate; the light mixture from the hopper is continuously

conveyed to the forming cavity, and the light mixture is squeezed by the spiral stirring knife in the forming

cavity and the vibrator is continuous Under the dual action of vibrating, it produces resonance and is

continuously squeezed and compacted, and reaches the required shape, size and compactness. At the

same time, the vibrated and compacted strip produces a reaction force against the rotating stirring knife,

pushing the extruder continuously Advance to achieve continuous plate making.




ModelBoard specificationSpeedPower(kw)Lifetime of(km)DimensionWeight
Double layerH(mm)W(mm)No. of holeDia of hole(mm)(m/min)MotorVibratorMixing bladeL*W*H(cm)kg


Main characteristic
1. The thickness is increased to 150-240mm. When laying pipelines on the wall, there will be no

penetration of the board due to openings and grooves. At the same time, the cross-section has an

orderly and orthogonal arrangement of double rows of holes structure, sound insulation and heat

preservation The effect is good.


2. Thickened double-row light-weight partition wall panels are used in the transfer of lintels with a

thickness of 200mm or greater than 200mm, and the wall at the junction is flat, ensuring the overall

interior decoration effect.


3. Reduce production costs and simplify production and installation procedures.