Direct Selling Excellent Performance Hardwood Railway Wooden Sleepers Used For Railroad

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Type:Sleepers;Main material:radiata pine pinus elliottii/fir/larch/mongolica, etc;
Brand Name:Chinacoal;Low processing way:with burrs/on every line;
Packaging Detail:Carton with Pallent rail concrete sleeper;Place of Origin:Shandong China;
Port:Ningbo Qingdao Shanghai Shenzhen;width:25-400 mm;
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm):width 25-400 - mm;length:1 m, 2 m, 4 m, 6 m, 8 m, 10 m and 12 m;
Supply Ability:1000 Piece/Pieces per Day rail concrete sleeper;Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,Paypal;
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Wooden sleepers characteristics Wooden sleepers has good elasticity, light weight, easy fabrication, and other significant characteristics of insulation performance is good. Fasteners with wood blocking connection simple, laying and maintenance, transportation is convenient, wooden sleeper and have bigger friction coefficient between gravel ballast. Wooden sleeper toughening corrosion, can absorb more than other sleeper train weight and less prone to fracture. But its drawback is that use fixed number of year is shorter, consumption of large amount of wood. Wooden sleeper easy to corrupt, the reason from insect pests, the influence of the environment and climate, and the spike on the wood blocking hole by using long relaxation, wooden sleeper most commonly so only decades of life. To effectively extend the service life, sleepers generally must be used after filling the anti-corrosion. The sleepers, now use are embalmed, to prevent pests and to extend the use fixed number of year.   zmwm06



Main material

 radiata pine pinus elliottii/fir/larch/mongolica, etc

Low size   length

 1 m, 2 m, 4 m, 6 m, 8 m, 10 m and 12 m


 25-400 - mm


 25-400 - mm (can be customized according to customer's different requirement)

Low processing way

 with burrs/on every line

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