YT-4600 flexographic printing machine flexographic printing machine 6 colors

Product details
Dimensions (L*W*H):6100*1600*2500mmVoltage:220v-380v (designed for customers)
After-sales service provided:supplySupply capacity:500 sets per year
product name:Kangaroo 6-color high-speed flexo printing machineprinting speed:80m/min
Maximum print width:760mmPrinting material:Paper, film, nonwoven, foil
Core components:Bearings, motors, pumps, gears, PLCstype:Flexographic printing machine
Print size:190-960mmpayment terms:Western Union, T/T
weight:9500 kgMechanical test report:if
port:Qingdao PortMain selling points:Polychromatic
Video outbound inspection:ifCore component warranty:1 year
Ink type:Sublimation InkAutomatic level:automatic
Package preview:Printing color:2,4,6,8 colors
Health status:newWarranty:1 year
printing speed:80-100m/minusage:Paper printers, plastic bags, non-woven bags, paper bags
Origin:Zhejiang, ChinaColors and Pages:Polychromatic
Plate type:Flexographic printingApplicable industries:Hotels, Clothing Stores, Building Materials Stores, Manufacturing Plants, Machinery Repair Shops, Food and Beverage Factories, Food Stores, Printing Shops, Construction Works, Energy and Mining, Food and Beverage Stores, Advertising Agencies
Product Description
High Speed ​​4 Color Paper Bag Plastic Bag Flexo Printing Machine Flexo Printing Machine
This machine is suitable for printing PE, PP bags, cellophane, roll paper and other packaging materials. It is an ideal printing equipment for producing food paper packaging bags, supermarket handbags, vest bags, clothing bags and other paper packaging bags.
YTB-4600, YTB-4800, YTB-41000, YTB-41200, YTB-41600, YTB-41800 YTB-42000
Feeding width
print width
printing length
Standard within 400mm, customized 280-1000mm
printing speed
machine speed
Registration accuracy
±0.3 mm
color printing system
4 sets, 1, 2, 3, 4... colors can be printed according to the design of the plate making company
non-woven fabric. Paper. aluminum foil. Film (PVC.OPP.PE.BOPP.NY.PET.CPP)...
Structure type
Drive of printing cylinder
helical gear
Machine transmission
timing belt
drying method
Blowers and Heaters
maximum. oven temperature
maximum. 80°C (room temperature 20°C) with temperature control system
Web fixing method for unwinding/rewinding
Safety chuck + air shaft
Sheet thickness (including double-sided tape)
1.14mm. 1.7mm 2.28mm. 2.84mm. 3.94mm can be customized
gear module
Unwind/Rewind paper
Core 3"
Maximum unwinding/rewinding diameter
Adhesive roller tape thickness
0.38mm or 0.5mm
Applicable ink
Water-based ink/Solvent ink
machine weight
6500 kg
Machine size
1. Central embossing printing machine, better color registering effect. Due to the larger cylinder, the printing material
Supported by large rollers, color registration is greatly improved, especially for expandable materials.
2. The printing stations of each color are driven by the central roller, less gear transmission, small transmission error, and improved registration accuracy.
3. High-quality motors and high-quality frequency converters are used to save power and reduce operational fluctuations.
4. The machine is equipped with a blower and a heater; the heater adopts a central temperature control system, an automatic temperature controller, and an independent heat source.
5. Adopt independent drying oven and cold air system, which can effectively prevent ink from sticking after printing.
6. The roller is made of special steel and treated specially, which greatly reduces the jumping range.
7. The printing roller adopts static balance and dynamic balance treatment, hard anodized treatment, small resistance, small jump, and finally achieves perfect printing effect.
8. Special gear transmission device to achieve accurate printing effect.
9. All printing machines can be equipped with advanced configurations to achieve high-quality, high-definition effects.
sample image
The key components
printing unit
Plate cylinder:
The machine standard is 400mm, and the plate making range is 191--1000mm.
Manufactured by Ruian Plate Factory
Ceramic anilox roller:
Even ink transfer, improve printing effect.
80-600 lines/inch
Single scraper:
Uniform ink color during printing;
Automatic Tension Control
Control the material balance on both sides of the winding part.
web guide
Fast track print photos.
Ultrasonic Web Guide
ventilation shaft
Closely combined with the material, the material is flat, and the printing effect is better
Hydraulic lifting printing roller
Adopt hydraulic automatic lifting printing plate.
automatic ink pump
Automatic ink absorption
Automatic circulation system is adopted.
drying system
Closed drying oven:
Provide hot air to dry.
rewind system
Includes air shaft, tension control