Factory Price 3 Phase 440V 100Kvar 160 Kvar Automatic Condenser Bank with APFC Power Factor Controller

Product details
Origin:Zhejiang, ChinaRated current:160Kvar
payment terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPalPackaging Details:According to customer requirements
Supply capacity:500 sets per monthfrequency:50/60 Hz
Processing:Yesport:China Ningbo or Shanghai port
standard:IEC60439 IEC439 NEMA ICS2-322

GGD Series 3 Phase Automatic Power Factor Improvement Unit (PFI) / Automatic PFI Unit with Capacitor Bank, Magnetic Contactor, HRC Fuse PF Correction Relay, TPN MCCB, ON/Off Switch Indicator, Fan Switch, etc.


We have customized this product according to the requirements of users and customers and their power systems.


160Kvar 8-stage APFC capacitor bank

No.Part NameModel Specificationsunitquantity
0aspect800*600*2200personal computer1
1Molded case circuit breakerT5N 400 TMA R400 FF 3Ppersonal computer1
2AC Magnetic ContactorUA50-30-00-RApersonal computer8
3MCB - miniature circuit breakerSH203-C50personal computer8
4Capacitor bank 20KvarCLMD33/20KVARpersonal computer8
5automatic power factor regulatorRVC-8personal computer1
6CT-current transformerBH-0.66 400/5Apersonal computer3
7Ammeter6L2-Apersonal computer3
8Voltmeter6L2-Vpersonal computer1
9voltage selection switchLW12-16YH2/2personal computer1
10Capacitor selection switchLW5-16 TM707personal computer1
11TerminalsURTKpersonal computer6
12indicator lightTGAD56-22D/Spersonal computer8
13Copper rowTMY-3*(50*10)Kilogram13.35
14neutral busTMY-50*5Kilogram1.78
15ground busTMY-50*5Kilogram1.78
16branch busTMY-30*5Kilogram7.34
17Auxiliary materials put1
Metal shell(mm)800*600*2200  


GGD type low-voltage switchgear is suitable for three-phase AC 50/60HZ, maximum voltage 660V, rated current up to 3150A system and three-phase four-wire and three-phase five-wire, widely used in

Power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, airports, docks and broadcast communication center buildings, power transmission and distribution and power conversion, PC and motor control center MCC in power distribution and power consumption


working environment


1. Indoor altitude: Maximum installation altitude: 2000m

2. Ambient temperature: -5℃~+40℃ and the average temperature is not suitable

Over +35°C within 24 hours

3. The relative humidity should not exceed 50% at the highest temperature +40°C. higher

Relative humidity is allowed at lower temperatures. predecessor. 90% at +20°C. but given

Temperatures change, and moderate dew may happen casually.

4. No fire, explosion hazard, severe pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration

5. The installation slope does not exceed 5°

6. This product is suitable for transportation and storage at the following temperatures: -25°C ~ +55°C for 24 hours, and for a short time (not exceeding 24 hours) not exceeding +70°C.

7. If you have special requirements, please consult the manufacturer



This series of products has high breaking capacity, good dynamic stability, advanced and reasonable structure, practical electrical scheme, serialization, strong versatility, various unit combination schemes, multiple circuits in one cabinet, saving floor space, beautiful appearance, high protection level, and safety. Reliable, easy maintenance and other advantages.

It complies with the IEC439 NEMA ICS2-322 standard, the national standard GB7251-87 "Low-voltage complete switchgear" and the professional standard ZBK36001-89 "Low-voltage withdrawable complete switchgear".

installation size


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