Indoor SF6 load break switch LBS with motor mechanism

Product details
port:China Ningbo or Shanghai portSupply capacity:5000 sets per month
brand:Burstonpayment terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
place of origin; place of origin:Zhejiang, Chinamodel:BRFLN36
Material:MetalPackaging Details:wooden bag
Product Description

BRFLN36-24 indoor high-voltage SF6 load switch, rated voltage 24kV, uses SF6 gas as the switchgear for arc extinguishing and insulating medium, including three contactors of opening and closing, opening and grounding, with small size, convenient installation and operation, and Environmental adaptability and other characteristics.

The combination of indoor high-voltage SF6 load switch BRFLN36-24 and SF6 load switch BRFLN36-24D plus fuse can protect and control power supply and electrical equipment in substations, especially suitable for ring network cabinets, cable branch cabinets and power distribution switch substations .

The combination of indoor high-voltage SF6 load switch BRFLN36-24 and BRFLN36-24D load switch plus fuse complies with IEC60265-1-1998, IEC60420 and other standards.


♣Service environment

a) air temperature

Maximum temperature: +40°C; Minimum temperature: -35°C

b) Humidity

The monthly average humidity is 95%; the daily average humidity is 90%.

c) Altitude

Maximum installation height: 2500m

d) The surrounding air has no obvious corrosive, flammable gas, steam and other pollution.

No frequent violent shaking.