PQWT-TC300 groundwater drilling machine / groundwater detection to find water 300m

Product details
payment terms:Western Union, T/T, MoneyGram, PayPalproduct name:Groundwater detection
channel:4Customization support:OEM, software reengineering
model:PQWT-TC300LCD screen size:7 inch HD touch screen
frequency:single, triple, multiplayerSupply capacity:Monthly production of 1000 groundwater detection manufacturers
Packaging Details:Groundwater detection is packaged in aluminum special box + cartondepth:200m drilling groundwater detection
place of origin; place of origin:Hunan, ChinaInstrument automatic conversion range:0mV-2000mV
input resistance:10MΩbrand:QUR
weight:8.5KGpower supply:DC12V 4000mAh built-in battery
Product Description

300m high qualityWater quality survey equipment detector

Product advantages:
1. Applicable to various geological structures in plains, hills, mountains, plateaus, and basins;
2. The instrument automatically surveys and maps, and the drilling position and depth results are obtained on site.
3. Professional user groups provide 24-hour after-sales service.
4. The average accuracy rate of user feedback is above 90%.
5. English/Spanish/French/Arabic four languages ​​are available.
6. It is widely used in the detection of drinking water and agricultural irrigation water.
7. Non-professionals can learn the operation method in 5 minutes.
8. It only needs 1-2 people to operate.
9. Two-year warranty.



PQWT-TC300 multi-functional water measuring instrument is a national patent product. After collecting data, it can be automatically surveyed and mapped without computer graphics. The instrument breaks the traditional electric probe.

Prospecting layout and wiring, using electric field source, eliminating the need for complex power supply sections in important places, very portable, only one or two people are needed for exploration, and 5 people are enough for one collection point

seconds to five minutes, the instrument uses a single selection menu, and the accuracy of data collection is as high as

0.001mv. It is suitable for various geological environments such as cities, mountains, and plains. It is mainly used for rapid retrieval and evaluation of various metal ore, non-metallic ore, and groundwater resources, and for solving engineering problems.

Proof of long-term use of geological problems in practice: in solving the above problems received

The geological effect is remarkable, and it has won unanimous praise from relevant departments and customers.

Fully automatic surveying and mapping water meter deep water portable measuring instrument water meter

main feature


1. High speed and high efficiency
More than 8,000 meters of profile measurements were completed in one day to realize geological anomalies at different depths, and the speed and efficiency of ore prospecting were about 10 times higher than the traditional resistivity method.
2. Easy to carry
No high-power power supply is required, it uses the low-frequency signal in the earth's natural electric field as the signal source,
The weight of the whole machine is less than 2kg, easy to carry
3. Simple operation
The equipment is automatically controlled by a micro PC. You can see it in action in 10 minutes.
For those with no exploration experience, it takes 0.5 hours to complete the training.
4. Good precision and high precision
The measurement resolution can reach 0.001mV, and the accuracy is ±2%. In a large number of field measurements, high stability and abnormal curves matching traditional geoelectric equipment have been obtained.

5. Anti-interference ability
It has advanced anti-jamming technology and multiple anti-jamming designs. Even in areas and cities with weak signal, you can observe abnormal curve results with good repeatability,

High electrical interference areas and work areas with other external
Interference via frequency selector and digital processing.

6. One-click drawing
After the detector collects data, it can draw automatically without computer drawing.


technical parameter

model. depth accuracy channel frequency LCD Monitor polystyrene other
PQWT-TC150 150 meters 0.001mv 4 Single, triple 33 frequency Industrial-grade 7-inch high-definition touch screen DC12V 4000mAh
Built-in battery
1. Automatic noise reduction,
Super anti-jamming.
2. Humanized interaction
interface, high-speed CPU
Controls, menu prompts.
3. Automatic measurement, s
Store data and draw curves.
4. Data will be saved
Automatically after shutdown
5. Can store 999 single bands,
Tri-band multi-band
Measurement data.
6. Data can be imported
directly into the computer
7. Using rechargeable batteries,
Electrode detection, power supply
monitoring function.
PQWT-TC300 300 meters 0.001mv 6 Single, triple, 40 frequencies Industrial-grade 7-inch high-definition touch screen DC12V 4000mAh
Built-in battery
PQWT-TC500 500 meters 0.001mv 8 Single, triple, 56 frequency Industrial-grade 7-inch high-definition touch screen DC12V 4000mAh
Built-in battery

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