Farm Lift Jack

Product details
Place of Origin:Zhejiang China;Min.Height:155mm;
Model Number:NEFMJ-03;Name:Farm Jack;
Packing:62*24*14cm;Usage:Life Vehicles;
Application:Automotive Repair Tools;Color:Customer's Requirement;
Type:Farm Jack;Material:Steel;
Supply Ability:15000 Piece/Pieces per Month;Certification:GS CE;
Payment Terms:L/C,Western Union,D/P,T/T;Use:Car Jack;
Packaging Detail:Carton Box Packing;Size:20",33",48",60";
Brand Name:PINK;
Product Description
Farm Jack Product Features:
6.CE, GS Certificate
7.Use: Car Jack


Farm Jack Details & Function:

1.The farmer jack is a manual rocker arm using the principle of lever, self-elastic locking device, safe and reliable hole card locking, easy to use and high lifting height.
2.It is suitable for the repair and rescue auxiliary functions of wild off-road vehicles. It can be used to lift the vehicle to replace the tires, repair the vehicle, or lift the wheels out of the mud or crater when the vehicle is trapped, and even push the vehicle to move.

3. How to use:
First, lift
3.1 Turn the jack handle clockwise to close the return valve;
3.2 Place the jack under the correct lifting position of the vehicle. If necessary, adjust the jack and rotate the screw counterclockwise until it contacts the vehicle.
3.3 Insert the jack handle into the handle sleeve and operate the handle up and down until the vehicle reaches the desired height.
Second, decline
3.4 Remove the handle and use the handle to release the return valve. Please slowly turn the handle counterclockwise to release the return valve. Do not loosen the return valve more than two times.
3.5 After the vehicle is fully lowered, move the jack. If the adjustment screw is in the extended state, turn it clockwise until it is completely out of the vehicle.

4. Note:
4.1 Be sure to read all instructions carefully before use.
4.2 Do not exceed the load of the jack;
4.3 jacks can only be used on hard horizontal planes;
4.4 Before entering the vehicle, be sure to use an additional safety bracket (for example, a jack safety bracket with a certain load capacity) to support the vehicle;
4.5 Users should not disassemble the jacks in order to avoid the failure or danger of the jacks;
The top elevation of the 4.6 jack shall not exceed the limit hole;
4.7 jacks shall not bear the load under unattended conditions for a long time; 8. The speed of the jacks must be slow, and it is strictly forbidden to drop suddenly under load;
4.8 jacks should be stored in a dry, dust-free place, not placed outdoors, exposed to the sun and rain, not suitable for use in workplaces with acid and alkali, corrosive gases;
4.9 Users should check and maintain regularly according to the usage.

5. Maintenance method: oiling / lubricating oil
5.1 placing the jack in an upright position;
5.2 lower the pump position and piston until it is completely relaxed;
5.3 Remove the rubber plug on the jack;
5.4 Pay attention to inject high quality hydraulic oil and remove air;
5.5 Install a rubber oil plug;
5.6 Regularly lubricate the drive connection and adjust the screw.


ModelProduct NameSpecificationPacking Size(cm)G.W/N.W
Farm JackSize:20"
Min.Height:155mm      Max.Height::480mm
Farm JackSize:33"
Min.Height:155mm      Max.Height::700mm
Farm JackSize:48"
Min.Height:155mm      Max.Height::1070mm
Farm JackSize:60"
Min.Height:155mm      Max.Height::1350mm





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