15mm micro slider linear stepper motor 6v 12v dc screw motor 2 phase 4 wire linear stepper motor for medical equipment

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Product details
stage:2,2Package Preview:
brand:Vectekmodel:SM15-80L Copper Slide
Certification:ISO、RoHSCoil resistance:15Ω±10%
Single packing size:35X28X25 cmSales Unit:Single item
Gross weight per piece:0.049 kgStep Angel:18
Rated voltage:6 voltstype:Permanent magnets
Pull-out force:500 gCurrent/Phase:400 mAh
Warranty:3 months to 1 yearOrigin:Jiangsu, China
Packaging Details:Plastic boxes and cartons, the box size can be adjusted according to the number of pieces. Generally, the sample carton size is 28*17*6


15mm Micro Slider Linear Stepper Motor


The SM15-80L copper slider is a precision micro stepper motor. The output shaft is equipped with a lead screw with a pitch of M3 P0.5mm. The rotation of the lead screw is converted into thrust through the matching of the lead screw and the lead screw.
The basic step angle of the motor is 18 degrees, and the motor runs 20 steps per week, so the displacement resolution can reach 0.02mm, achieving the purpose of precise control.
The actuator adopts a subdivision drive method to meet the requirements.
Due to the excellent characteristics of micro stepper motors such as small size, high precision and easy control, they are widely used in cameras, optical instruments, lenses, precision medical equipment, automatic door locks and other fields.
The motor input part is FPC, but it can be changed to connecting wire pins, PCB, etc. according to customer needs.
The mounting bracket can be replaced according to customer requirements.



product name 15MM Linear Stepper Motor
Model SM15-80L Copper Slide
Maximum response frequency Over 1200 PPS
Maximum starting frequency Over 900 PPS
Pull-out torque More than 230g (AT500PPS, 6V DC)
Insulation level Coil Class E
Dielectric strength 100 V AC for 1 second
Insulation resistance 50MΩ (DC 500V)
range of working temperature -0~+55℃
OEM and ODM services usable

6v 12v dc screw motor 2 phase 4 wire linear stepper motor for medical equipment

Micro Slider Linear Stepper Motor


Basic drawing:

Wire connection type:

The motor input method adopts Pin type

, FPC, PCB, leads, etc. can be customized according to customer needs.


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