Grape destemmer with crusher and pump advanced technology

  • Supplier: CEP S.R.L.
  • Region: Padova, Italy
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Product details
brand:Padua winemaking techniquesCore components:engine
payment terms:wire transferExhibition Hall Location:Italy
weight:400 kgmodel:Euro 1-2-3 Zeus 100-150-300-600
After warranty service:Online SupportVoltage:380V/50Hz
strength:1,8+0,55+0,37Applicable industries:Food and beverage factories, farms
Core component warranty:1 yearProcessing Type:Alcohol
After-sales service provided:Can provide overseas third-party supportMarketing Type:New Products for 2020
Mechanical test report:not availableWarranty:1 year
Certification:Central and Eastern EuropeDimensions (L*W*H):2500X805X1590
Local service locations:ItalyVideo factory inspection:not available
Health status:new




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Destemming - Crushing




For 50 years, CEP has been producing destemmers for the wine industry worldwide. Today, we offer a complete range of products, ranging from 4 to 130 t/h, suitable for gentle and delicate grape handling, for different varieties and stages of maturity. These machines are equipped with the most modern systems for handling mechanically harvested grapes and are designed to be thoroughly cleaned without disassembling any mechanical parts. In addition, we offer a wide range of accessories to help recover and store the removed stems.




Beta 40 Destemmer


Destemming press with rubber food rollers. All models are equipped as standard with a pair of rollers that ensure gentle pressing of the grapes. The destemming shaft is made of rubber blades. The destemming cage is made of stainless steel with slots. The machine is equipped with a central opening and cage extraction device for simple and thorough cleaning.


Components: Self-adjusting rubber rollers - Entirely in Aisi 304 stainless steel - Stirring shaft with rubber food blade - Must collecting tray with feeding screw - Electrical panel for start and stop Power Kw. 1.8 - Capacity 3500/5000 kg/h - Dimensions 1300x800xh1150 mm




Euro 1-2-3 Destemmer


EURO is a destemming crusher. All models are made of Aisi304 stainless steel and have a variable speed option that simultaneously adjusts the rotation speed of the feed auger. It consists of a shaft with rubber food blades, a destemmer and a perforated drum in order to optimize the destemming process according to the ripeness of the grapes. The feed auger conveys the grapes into the perforated cylinder, where the stirring shaft rotating at a low speed removes the grapes from the stems in a gentle and delicate manner. All models are equipped with a roller device at the bottom. The rubber rollers are for food and are self-adjusting. All models combined with a crusher are suitable for destemming and crushing or destemming without crushing.




Stainless steel destemmer with transmission. Features: A pair of adjustable drums with crushing / non-crushing system - Stainless steel cage - Transmission - Removable shaft with anti-crushing berry type blades covered with food rubber - Motor and stop and start switch, voltage 400/3/50hz.








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DestemmerZeus Mode 100 to 1300


DestemmerZeus Models 100 to 1300


The ZEUS destemmer is designed according to the requirements of modern quality oenology and uses the most advanced technology. For processing soft and fragile grapes - Adapts to different processing requirements according to grape variety and maturity stage - Suitable for processing mechanically harvested grapes


The independent feed auger is equipped with hopper and grid for initial drainage - the speed variation is precise, regulated by an inverter with digital display. The machine is designed to facilitate thorough cleaning without disassembling any parts. The machine can be customized to suit your needs - the machine output ranges from 8 to 130 t/h.


Soft destemming machine Model: ZEUS Made entirely of stainless steel. Features: With wide hopper - With initial drainage system - Variable speed inverter - Removable stirring shaft - Stirring scraper covered with food grade rubber - Self-adjusting rubber roller - Crushing / non-crushing device




Destemming - Crushing




Straw chopper


To optimize the handling of the stems, CEP has produced a stem cutter that can be applied to a stem crusher with a maximum output of 50/60 tons of grapes per hour. Thanks to its innovative structure, this machine is small, powerful in the cutting section and equipped with an efficient product discharge system, the product can be loaded directly into normal pallet containers without operator intervention (containers not included), it works together with the stem crusher, receiving the stems from it and making the final deposit of the chopped stems into the container on sections of 1.5 meters. The machine is equipped with a panel with start and stop buttons. The machine is completely made of stainless steel, except for the rotor and drum in painted steel.




Straw extractors, cyclones and screens


The T series extractors are made of radial blade impellers and are open, making them particularly suitable for


Fibrous materials such as stalks. On request we can produce cyclones, bars or grilles in painted iron or in full Aisi 304 stainless steel.




Crusher with hopper


CEP offers a wide range of roller sets


For crushing grapes or fruit.


These can be designed as per requirement.


Comes with hopper.


With mechanical transmission


On the support frame.


Flange connection to the pump


Production capacity ranges from 4 to 130 tons/hour




Pallets must be collected


CEP offers an alternative to a pump with hopper for recovering grapes from the destemmer.


Freestanding motorized tray, complete with easily transportable auger, made entirely of stainless steel.




950x650xH507 mm


700x600xH507 mm


550x550xH500 mm