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800VA 1200VA 2000VA voltage stabilizer / power voltage regulator details
Phase:Single Phase;Stabilizer Outlet:6PCS Outlet;
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T;Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland);
Warranty:2 years;AVR Capacity:800VA/1200VA/2000VA;
Supply Ability:3000 Carton/Cartons per Day;Brand Name:IDEAL AVR;
AVR Socket:German/Universal/Australian;Port:Shenzhen port;
Packaging Detail:Carton packing Q'ty: 12pcs/carton Carton Size: 55*37*19cm Installation: 8208pcs (684cartons)/per 20 ft container 17484pcs (1457carton)/per 40ft container;Usage:SVC;
AVR Voltage regulation:3 step(2 step boost & 1 step buck);Net Weight:1.6KGS-2.4KGS;
surge protected:175 Joules;AVR Display:LED;
Current Type:AC;Protection:RJ-45;
Power factor:0.5;Model Number:IDEAL AVR PSE series;
Product Details

The Power of Stability voltage stabilizer

3-in-1 & Multi-function Automatic Voltage Regulator power voltage regulator

PSE-800VA/1200VA/2000VA (German) 800VA 1200VA 2000VA voltage stabilizer

PSE AVR-800VA-2000VA German provides 3-steps voltage regulation to stabilize output voltage for protecting connected devices from damage. To ensure safety of devices connection, it also installed thermal switch for over-temperature protection.voltage regulator

Main Features voltage stabilizer

* Provide stable output voltage through boost and buck stabilizer power voltage regulator
* Built-in thermal switch for over-temperature protection 
voltage stabilizer
* Provide modem / phone line surge protection 800VA 1200VA 2000VA voltage stabilizer
* Provide overload & short circuit protection voltage stabilizer
* Fire retardant plastic material voltage regulator
* Accept wide input range 
power voltage regulator

Fast Delivery

Voltage Regulation 800VA 1200VA 2000VA voltage stabilizer AVR 

Built-in 2-steps boost & 1-step buck stabilizer to maintain voltage stability, sensing abnormal voltage and regulating immediately.  AVR

2-in-1 Main Power Switch voltage stabilizer

The 2-in-1 main power switch of AVR has both ON/OFF switch function and breaker function to prevent the danger from overload and short circuit situation. power voltage regulator AVR

Thermal sensor  PC use stabilizer 

Equipped with accurate thermal sensor inside transformer is for over-temperature protection. When thermal sensor senses the operating temperature exceed the temperature limitation, thermal switch will be activated to cut off the output to avoid the danger of over-heated. AVR voltage stabilizer

Application voltage stabilizer

Feasible for all kinds of houshold /office/business appliances power voltage regulator voltage stabilizer

Product Introduction
Voltage Range
Frequency Range
50Hz / 60Hz
Steps of Regulation
3 (2-steps Boost & 1-step Buck)
Output Receptacles
German *3pcs AVR regulated & surge protected+3pcs surge protected only
Network surge suppression : RJ-45
Overload / short circuit manual reset circuit switch
Over-temperature : thermal switch
Power On/Off LED
Boost LED
Buck LED
0-95% (Non-condensing)
Noise Level
Less than 40 dB at 1M
Net Weight

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Company Introduction

IDEAL POWER CO., LTD was founded in 1996 and committed to design and manufacture reliable and qualified full range of power products, including Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Inverter, Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), Voltage Protector (VP) and Surge Protector (SP).

voltage stabilizer
With more than 20 years' experience of OEM/ODM in power products, IDEAL POWER strives to achieve the mission to provide products with high quality and better performance to meet customers' demand in the world.

Our Service Team

We, IDEAL, are dedicating on product development and training professional team, we focus on the global market trend to provide innovative power for customers. IDEAL engineering team has professional background experience and technical knowledge and skill, devoting to integrate global market tendency with new technology to ensure products meet the global customer demand. IDEAL design team help customer design customized product package to establish admirable corporate image for marketing.
We are convinced that establishing long-term relationship of mutual trust and mutual benefit between IDEAL and customers is the motion for us to thrive. 
voltage stabilizer
With well-trained and professional team, IDEAL support best service and qualified products to customers globally.


Why Choose IDEAL?

1) ODM/OEM experience for more than 20 years.
2) Well-organized manufacturing bases to meet worldwide growing demand.
3) Customized products to meet various applications.
4) Full range of power products
5) High quality products supported by strict quality control system
6) Well-trained workforce and engineer team.
7) Reliable manufacturing supplier on E-commerce online platform

FAQ-Automatic Voltage Regulator

Q1: What can an automatic voltage do for me?
Voltage regulator will provide stable output voltage through boost and buck stabilizer when main power is under over voltage or low voltage. It also guards the connected devices against from overload, surge and spike to prolong the usage life of appliances.

Q2: How to maintain an automatic voltage regulator?
It's simple to keep your voltage regulator work normally.
1. Do not overload your AVR.
2. Do not connect any electronic devices with large initial inrush current at start-up, such hair dryer, laser printer and motor.
3. Place it around a clear environment.

Q3: What's life time of an automatic voltage regulator?
Most AVR can be used for more than 5 years if you maintain it under good conditions.

Q4: What type of automatic voltage regulator that we offer?
Our voltage regulator is relay type, and it has electronic circuit and relay to regulate voltages.
The advantage of relay type AVR is that it has light weight and competitive price.

power voltage regulator, voltage stabilizer, voltage regulator
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