• Supplier: IDEAL POWER CO., LTD.
  • Region: Taiwan, China
  • Contact: Ms Angel Chen
  • Price: $620.00 /piece
  • Min. Order: 1 piece
DSP design Online UPS / Uninterruptible Power Supply 6KVA details
Supply Ability:55 Piece/Pieces per Day;Online UPS pattern type:Tower type;
Phase:Single Phase;Output Voltage:208/220/230/240Vac;
Place of Origin:Taiwan;Model Number:IDEAL UPS 9306LB;
Type:On-line;Online UPS Battery:12V/7AH*20pcs;
Online UPS Power factor:0.9;Weight:48 KG;
Online UPS Communication port:USB port/Dry contact(Optional)/SNMP(Optional);Online UPS External battery bank:Available;
Online UPS sinwave:Pure sinewave;Port:Any Taiwan Port;
Packaging Detail:Pallet packing Q'ty: 1pc/carton Carton Size:72*38*90cm Installation: 104pcs (104pallets)/per 20 ft container 212pcs (212pallets)/per 40ft container;Brand Name:IDEAL UPS;
Online UPS Patent function:PDU(Power Distribution Unit) module;Payment Terms:L/C,T/T;
Online UPS Display:LCD UPS;Online UPS Parallel:Available;
Online UPS Capacity:6000VA UPS;
Product Details

High Reliable UPS for Your Smart Choice  online ups

On-Line UPS for IDEAL Choice 9300LB 6KVA Series  ups inverter 6kva ups

IDEAL-9300LB 6KVA UPS series is true sine wave double conversion On-line UPS, designed in compact tower cabinet, that provides output power factor 0.9 for high performance and efficiency. With Microprocessor control design, it lowers the defective rate of UPS to guarantee high reliability and to protect any critical applications. Individual PDU module is used as Power Distribution Unit in conjunction with IDEAL-9300LB 6KVA series UPS system, which will be more convenient and efficient when UPS needs maintenance service. 4 same capacity UPS are available to connect in parallel max. for capacity expansion.  online ups 6kva ups

Main Features ups

* Intelligent Slot (SNMP) and USB management software to monitor UPS status

Individual power distribution unit (PDU) for fast and easy maintenance 

* N+X parallel redundancy for capacity expansion and backup support
* ECO mode High efficiency mode for power saving
* Wide input range for extreme voltage instability
* External battery bank to extend back-up time
* Advanced microprocessor control technology
* Emergency power-off EPO function
* True double conversion On Line UPS 

* Automatic self-testing function 
online ups 6kva

DSP control ups inverter 6kva

Advanced microprocessor control technology keeps UPS high performance and reliability, operating effectively to save energy.  home inverter ups

Double conversion  ups 6kva

UPS system works by converting power from AC to DC and then back to AC. Supplying power with zero transfer time to the battery to ensure uninterrupted back-up power when AC power is abnormal, make it ideal for any senstitive devices. online ups 6kva o

Wide input voltage range ups inverter

Supporting Wide Input Voltage range can offers stable power supplying even in bad AC environment. online ups inverter 6kva

ECO function online ups inverter 6kva

Built-in ECO mode can offer high efficiency when UPS operating. Not only save more money and energy, but reach environmental friendly. online ups inverter 6kva

N+X parallel redundancy online ups inverter 6kva

Achieve parallel extension to meet the demand of larger loading capacity. With redundant configuration of N+X, a backup unit increases the reliability of system power supply. online ups inverter 6kva

Product Introduction

PDU(Power distribution unit) Module  online ups inverter 6kva

Patent PDU module can save cost and labor hours on UPS maintenance.  online ups inverter 6kva

Other Products Series 

1 Phase 2 Wires + Ground
208/220/230/240 Vac
50Hz or 60Hz (Auto Sensing)
< 5% with R Full Load
1 Phase 2 Wires + Ground
208/220/230/240 Vac
Voltage Regulation
+/- 1% ( +/- 2% with Isolation Transformer )
Frequency (Battery Mode)
50Hz or 60Hz +/- 0.05Hz
Pure Sinewave
< 2% (Linear Load) or < 5% (Non-Linear Load)
Crest Ratio
3 : 1
To AC Mode
> 92% at Full Load and Battery Full Charged
To Battery Mode
> 92% at Full Load and 12VDC / Battery
ECO Mode
> 96% at Full Load and Battery Full Charged
12V/7AH *20pcs
Recharge Time
7Hrs to 90%
Depend on Capacity of External Battery
Line <-> Battery
Inverter <-> Bypass
ECO Mode <-> Inverter
< 10ms
Normal (Green ) , Bypass (Yellow) , Fault (Red) , Battery (Yellow)
Load Level / Battery Voltage / Battery Mode /
AC Mode / Bypass Mode Information
Interface (Port)
Dry Contact (Optional) ; USB Port
Intelligent Slot
Slot for SNMP or AS400 card (Optional)
Emergency Power Off
0 - 40℃ (32℉-104℉)
0-95%, non-condensing
Acoustic Noise
< 50dB at 1M
260*710*685 mm

Other Desktop Product

Our company

Company Introduction

IDEAL POWER CO., LTD was founded in 1996 and committed to design and manufacture reliable and qualified full range of power products, including Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Inverter, Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), Voltage Protector (VP) and Surge Protector (SP).
sinewave UPS
With more than 20 years' experience of OEM/ODM in power products, IDEAL POWER strives to achieve the mission to provide products with high quality and better performance to meet customers' demand in the world.

Our Service Team

We, IDEAL, are dedicating on product development and training professional team, we focus on the global market trend to provide innovative power for customers. IDEAL engineering team has professional background experience and technical knowledge and skill, devoting to integrate global market tendency with new technology to ensure products meet the global customer demand. IDEAL design team help customer design customized product package to establish admirable corporate image for marketing. UPS
We are convinced that establishing long-term relationship of mutual trust and mutual benefit between IDEAL and customers is the motion for us to thrive.
With well-trained and professional team, IDEAL support best service and qualified products to customers globally.


Why Choose IDEAL?

1) ODM/OEM experience for more than 20 years.
2) Well-organized manufacturing bases to meet worldwide growing demand.
3) Customized products to meet various applications.
4) Full range of power products
5) High quality products supported by strict quality control system
6) Well-trained workforce and engineer team.
7) Reliable manufacturing supplier on E-commerce online platform

FAQ – UPS & Inverter Series

Q1: Why you should install UPS?
When AC Power is off, UPS will offer emergency back-up power to your electronic devices for data loss protection. Power surges are a threat everywhere. UPS can provide fully power protection for over-voltage, under-voltage and surge to offer smooth and consistent flow of power quality to your appliances. online ups 6kva

Q2: What electronic appliances should be protected?
All electronic appliances that need long programming times or have to be always accessible would be better to install with a UPS system. This includes computer, medical equipment, data center, server room, networking system and any important electronic appliances.
However, it is not recommended to connect UPS with laser printer or office multifunction fax/printer because they will draw a high initial inrush current at start-up. A typical UPS cannot deal with such a spike.

Q3: What factors can affect UPS battery life time?
Batteries must be kept at ambient temperature of 25°C (77°F). If battery is operated at higher temperatures, its average life will be shortened. The number and length of battery discharges affect a battery's efficiency to deliver power. The more or deeper discharges, the shorter the battery's life will be.
If a battery is undersized for a load, battery run time and life expectancy will also be shortened.
Therefore, it is recommended to replace the batteries every 3 years after initiating the unit.
Recharge batteries every 3 months is necessary if it is not in use.

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