“KOBEC” Electric Chain Hoist

Product details

“KOBEC”  Electric Chain Hoist 

Capacity  0.5 ton   to  5 ton

Voltage  3 ph/ 380 v /50 hz

Lifting Height  3 m.

Cable with with emergency

Option  Electric Trolley



Electric Chain Hoist KOBEC BS/BD/CS Series


Compact and Light Design

BS series applies high quality aluminum with single die cast body. It gives strong but light for installation.

Magnetic Brake System

Not using general coil brake, BS series adopt concept of magnetic brake system. Strong permanet magnet is used to push brake all the time when hoist motor is not moving. Cone shape brake has maximum braking surface by giving tight press between brake pad. It is proved better braking.

Mechanical Brake

Two is better than one. BS series comes with 2 brake system. It is calculated precisely to match the load of hoist. Brakes power is very strong and reliable with all load. It works well alone but with electric brake, it even provides supreme safety to users. This brake is in hoist from 1 ton capacity and up.

Load Chain

All chains are made in JAPAN and produced under stricted regulation. Chain for electric hoist is made of best alloy steel grade. It is surface hardened and produced using an automatic carburizing equipment. Our chain is excellent in wear resistance to withstand severe using condition. Can increase the chain length.


Our motor is highly developed to ensure the continuous working. It has fins to cool motor during long operation. This make sure our motor is heavy duty and can work in any condition.

Chain Guide

Chain guide is significant parts. It makes load sheave and chain moving smoothly toward up and down. When overlifting or overdowing happend, chain guide will touch limit switch and cut off the power source. It might cause serious accident if error in moving happened. Our chain guide is produced under precised method with good material to get best result in operation.

Limit Switch

Forget about broken limit switch, slip clutch works mechanically to detect lifting load. Under normal condition, hoist lifts up or down when hoist motor operates. Once hoist lifts overload, clutch will slip even though hoist motor is moving. Load will not be lifted up to prevent serious damage.

Phase Reverse Protection

Miss connected power source will makes confuse on reverse hoist movement. It is difficult and needs skilled electrician to correct power connection. With our device, phase reverse protection, hoist will not operate if miss connected power source occurs. This will help all users to identify problem before serious damage happens.
User Friendly (24V control)
All hoists work under 24V for control. This ensures user safety even when they operated under light rain or moist environment.


Worm gear trolley is made for delicate principle is to use good point of worm type speed reducer to mechanically make soft start and stop.


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