“RHINOS” Electric Chain Hoist

Product details

“RHINOS”  Electric Chain Hoist

Capacity  0.5 ton   to  5 ton 

Voltage  3 ph /380 v /50  hz

Lifting Height  3 m.

Cable switch with emergency   

Option  Electric Trolley

Electric Chain Hoist RHINOS RHHL Series

Chain Hoist RHINOS  RHHL-05-01,RHHL-1-01,RHHL-2-01,RHHL-3-02,RHHL-5-02,RHHL-10-04,RHHL-05-01D,RHHL-1-01D,RHHL-2-01D,RHHL-3-02D,RHHL-5-02D,RHHL-10-04D

Body: Light aluminum alloy is used which is very strong formany terrible work
environment but light in weight. Thanks to a high heat dissipation rate in material
composition and excellent design.Inverse phase sequence protecting device (Negative Phase Protector): It is safety device which will cut the power input of hoist in case of wiring error in the power supply. This prevents unexpected accident from operation.Limit switch: The limit switch device (both upper and lower) is installed where the weight is lifted on and off. This limit switch makes motor stop automatically when either bottom hook or chain stopper touch the limit switch. This is another safety device to ensure safe production while promoting effective operation.24V control: All hoists are installed with 24V transformers which take main power input and transform into 24V for magnetic contactor coil and push button switch. This device prevents accident caused by electric leakage to operator.Side magnetic braking device: Thanks to latest design of magnetic force generator, it provides strong force pressuring brake. It enables instant brake immediately after motor stop or power cut off. This will ensure safety even thought there is electrical failure.Chain bag: To prevent overweight carry, chain bag (or chain bucket) is light in weight and durable in usage.Chain: All chains are imported from FEC (JAPAN) – the world class chain maker.EC80 ultra heat-treatment is selected for all hoists.Can increase the chain length


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