“KIRA” Submersible Sewage Pump UM series

Product details

KIRA model UM Series sewage pump Leading brands from Japan with high quality motor All impellers are heat treated for drive shaft assembly. And the stator windings are impregnated with varnish that is heat-drying in an industrial oven. Features can prevent water from entering the pump body IP68 rated.

– Drainage of sewage from the building basements hotel industry and waste water from factories.
– Drainage of sewage from industrial process factories.
– Empty septic tanks, cesspits and sewagepumps stations.
– Pumping surface and drainage water from garages and sprinkler systems.

1. Double Mechanical Seals Superior abrasion resistant mechanical seal manafactured with silicon carbide to ensure the best seal effect.
2. High Efficiency Dry Motors all stator coils need to be treated with insulating varnish procedure to achieving the best insulation, effciency and durability.
3. Auto-cut Protector Automatic On/Off motor protector to prevent motor burn out due to high temperature and excess amperage draw.
4. Epoxy Cable Base resin seal cable base prevents moisture from entering the motor through the core wires.

Discharge 50 MM., 80 MM.

Capacity  Flow 9 M3 /hr   to  36 M3 /hr

Head 6 M. – 19 M.

Voltage  3 PH /50 HZ

Power 0.4 kW – 3.7 kW


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