4000watt 60volt Traction Motor Rear Axle Assembly Electric Car Conversion Kit with Battery

Product details
Packaging Detail:Seaworthy packing;Model Number:electric car conversion kit with battery;
Rated Power:4kW;Name:4kW AC Motor Driving System for Electric Car;
Max. Speed:6500 r/min;Single package size:40X30X25 cm;
Single gross weight:45.000 KG;Application:Electric Car Vehicle or Boat;
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China;Max. Power:12kW;
Rated Voltage:48V / 60V / 72V;Rated Speed:1400~3650 r/min;
Selling Units:Single item;Weight:29kg;
Max. Torque:70 N.m;Protection Grade:IP 65;
Brand Name:Uni;Warranty:3months-1year;
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About Us

Uni Technology Co., Ltd. cooperates with such universities in China as Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Jiangnan University, Sichuan International Studies University to develop cost-effective powertrain systems with high power density, high reliability, matching ISO26262 for different models (tricycles, logistics cars, commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles) based on the their requirements and future markets, at the same time, we also work with automobile manufacturers like Jiangling, Marshell Green Power, China FAW Group Corporation.

Our team members:
1. Managers with a comprehensive understanding of the market
2. Experienced engineers who have engaged in electric vehicle industry for more than 10 years with full proficiency in technology
3. Energetic and motivated colleagues
After years of development, the supply & sales chain was adjusted and improved constantly and now became a completed system. We can provide comprehensive service from pre-sales introduction to after-sales technical support.

Our products:
1. AC driving system (3kw-15kw): AC motor, and controller
2. PMSM driving system (3kw-50kw): PMSM motor, and controller
3. Transmission assembly: rear axle, front live shaft, reducer, and rear/front drive assembly
4. Power supply system: battery charger and Lithium battery

5. Other components: DC-DC converter, dashboard, pedal, encoder and brake

Both AC motor system and PMSM motor system have their advantages and disadvantages. Through continuous experimentation and practice, we found that PMSM motor is more energy-saving comparing with AC motor, but the latter is also irreplaceable in some places or occasion (see FAQ Q1 for more information about the differences between AC motor and PMSM motor).  If you are not sure what type of motor and what power to be used in your equipment, fee free to contact us. We have a whole team to give you support.

Product Description

4kW AC Motor for Electric Car


1. Simple in structure

2. High reliability

3. Free maintenance

4. Big torque and high efficiency

5. Pure copper winding

4kW AC Motor Controller for Electric Car


1. DSP chip

2. High temperature adaptability

3. Programmable

4. Anti-rollback function

5. Regenerative braking effect

6. Multiple protections (under-voltage and over-voltage and high temperature)

Rear Axle Assembly for Electric Car


1. High torque

2. improvement in efficiency

3. Space-saving

4. Strong load bearing capacity

Product List
AC Motor
Rated Power: 3kW-15kW
Rated Voltage: 48V-96V
Max. Torque: 60N.m-140N.m
PMSM Motor
Rated Power: 3kW-50kW
Rated Voltage: 48V-420V
Max. Torque: 60N.m-235N.m
AC Motor Controller
Rated Power: 3kW-15kW
Rated Voltage: 48V-96V
Max. Current: 250-500A
PMSM Motor Controller
Rated Power: 3kW-50kW
Rated Voltage: 48V-420V
Max. Current: 300-500A
Torque Capacity:180N.m
Net Weight:15~30kg
Rear Axle
Standard Length
Break Type:
drum/disc hydraulic pressure

Electric Vehicle Power System Training Platform


4kW AC Motor Driving System for Electric Golf Cart

After calculation, we use the following driving system.

Motor Power
Max. Torque (N.m)
Speed (rpm)
Rated Voltage (V)

The Max. speed can be 40km/h.

Production & Service

R&D Department

We have a strong R&D team with many years of experience in areas such as electrical, electronics, software, machinery, automation, etc.

Production Center

A full set of processing equipment can guarantee the accuracy;

Advanced automatic wire embedding system is to ensure the consistency;

Semi-automatic production line will improve the productivity.

Motor Production

Semi-automatic production line: more than 80% automation
60 sets in a single shift; annual production: 15,000; max. annual production: 45,000 sets

Controller Production

Semi-automatic controller production line: more than 80% automation
100 units in a single shift

Quality Management

The quality assurance department will supervise the production process and the test equipment can insure the product quality.
Packing & Delivery

Normal package is wooden box and it will be fumigated. Sometimes cartons will be chosen if by air. If there are any special requirements, please talk to our sales person. 

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