3000w-3500w FOC sine wave 60-72v 70A phase current 130A brushless dc electric scooter motor controller

Product details
current:80A maxCertification:CE
Warranty:3 months - 1 yearbrand:Umoto
model:ZC7280Packaging Details:carton
type:Sine wave brushless DCMaximum phase current:240A
Origin:Jiangsu, ChinaVoltage:60V-72V
Product Description

1. Can use 60V and 72V batteries. One controller can accept multiple voltages.

2. The maximum continuous current is 80A, which can drive 300w to 4000w brushless DC motor

3. The maximum phase current is 240A.

4. Function: brake, reverse, cruise switch, power switch.

The controller is a sine wave brushless DC controller which can run the motor with very low noise. We recommend you use this controller with our 60v-72v high power fast hub motor for electric scooters.