12 Tubes 48V 60V 72V 1000W 1200W 1500W DC Motor Controller Electric Motorcycle Bike Scooter Brushless DC Motor Controller

Product details
type:Brushless ControllerMotor type:DC brushless
Supply capacity:10000 pieces per dayapplication:electric motorcycle bike
rated power:800W to 1200WMOQ:1
model:M15G48601000WWarranty:13 months
current:32A~35A (default: 33A)payment terms:L/C, Western Union, D/A, T/T, MoneyGram
port:ShanghaiPackaging Details:carton
Material:Aluminum alloy + plasticOrigin:Jiangsu, China
Product Description

1. Handle accelerator: suitable for conventional handles, potentiometers, pedal accelerators, etc. 2. Brake power-off: default low-potential brake power-off 3. Speedometer: default speed signal, voltage type 4. Anti-theft alarm: low-potential anti-theft anti-theft alarm, When someone pushes the cart in the parking state, the controller locks the motor, and the anti-theft alarms. 5. Switch to super three-speed: switch to super three-speed function, the low gear is upshift, the middle gear is full speed, and the high gear is overspeed. The default speed is 80%/100%/115%. Button super three-speed: button super three-speed function, the low gear is the upshift, the middle gear is the full gear, and the high gear is the overspeed. The default speed scale is 80%/100%/115%. 6.1:1 power assist: The 1:1 power assist function is mainly used for pedal electric bicycles. A power sensor is installed on the pedal shaft, and the controller detects the signal output current of the sensor. At this time, you will feel an increase in strength when riding, which is easy and labor-saving. 7. Self-learning: Connect the power line, motor phase line, Hall line, electric door lock line, throttle line, plug in the self-identification line (self-learning line) after confirmation, and the motor will run automatically. If the motor does not turn on and turns to correct operation for 2-3 seconds, disconnect the identification line (learning line), and the identification is completed. If the motor reverses, disconnect the identification wire and plug it in immediately. The motor automatically switches to forward rotation. Disconnect the identification line (learning line) after 2-3 seconds of operation.
Advantages of the three-mode sine wave 1.1 The current is controlled by a constant current method, so that the motor can continuously output strong power. 2.2 The three-mode sine wave is ultra-quiet, with low quiescent current and low power consumption. (Energy saving) 3.3 Prevent vehicle out of control due to throttle failure 1. Adopt magnetic field space control technology. The phase current changes sinusoidally, which reduces noise caused by torque ripple. 2. Improve and upgrade the space vector algorithm to make the controller temperature lower. 3. Adopt three-phase current decoupling technology to improve motor efficiency. 4. The PCB is tinned with copper sheets instead of silver-plated copper wires. 5. Can control any other related supporting electronic accessories and adjust various models of software programs.
warranty period
13 months
country of origin
Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China
LV alloy + plastic
motor type
Brushless DC Motor
Introduction to 12-tube BLDC 1000wRated operating voltage range: 36V/48V/60V/72V Rated power selection range: 800W to 1200W Maximum current selection range: 32A~35A (default: 33A) Battery undervoltage protection (UVL): 30V, 40V, 50V, 60V (such as If necessary), adjust the battery undervoltage protection point to the required value) Adaptive motor phase angle: 60°/120°/180° (automatically identify and adapt) 8 Advantages of our controller 1. Overcurrent protection function 2. Motor Stall protection 3. Anti-stall fly-away function 4. Motor phase 120 degrees 60 degrees automatic recognition 5. Self-learning 6. MOSFET short circuit protection 7. UVL 8. Over temperature protection