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Company Description

Lucosy technology develop and produce spot welder and its controller since 2012, we're top 3 of suppliers in China. Spot welders, battery welder, projection welders, MFDC welder, variable frequency AC welder, butt welders, seam welders, bench welders, gun welders, micro welders, special application machines are offered here. Our products are widely used in electrical production, auto parts manufacturing, battery production, metal splicing and other fields. We have exported more than 100 countries like USA, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Thailand, India etcBased on our professional engineer team, rich experience and latest technical, we specialize in fitting your welding requirements to the proper welding equipment.Why Lucosy? 1) 20 years of welding technology precipitation, service 1900+ customers experience, 11000+ welding workpiece cases. Complete sets of equipment and process solutions.2) 5% R&D intensity per year. Senior R&D team work colsely with scientific research institutes to provide non-standard automatic welding machine R&D and customization for users in various industries.3) 24-hour service. Service engineers are on call at any time to meet all your welding needs, ensure customer's continuous production capacity.4) Reliable products. Provide reliable products for customers all over the world. Keep reasonable inventory for important raw materials and main products, support customers timely.

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