Helical gear reducer transmission gearbox for 3D printer SRC helical gearbox reduction motor

Product details
Applicable industries:Hotels, clothing stores, building materials stores, manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, food and beverage factories, farms, restaurants, household, retail, food stores, print shops, construction projects, energy and mining, food and beverage stores, advertising agenciesPlace of origin:Zhejiang, China
Production standards:international electrotechnical commissionbrand:morning heart
Transmission arrangement:spiral,spiralCustomization support:Processing
payment terms:Letter of credit, Western Union, wire transfer, AlipayPackaging details:1 piece/carton, several cartons/wooden pallets
product name:SRC helical gearboxBody:aluminum
Output speed:6.3-601 rpm, 6.3-601 rpmOutput torque:3---601N.M,3---601N.M
Input speed:1400 rpm, 2800 rpm, 1400 rpmConnection flange type:B5 or B14
Supply capacity:30,000 pieces per monthWarranty:1 year, 1 year
Weight (kg):7.5kg
SRC series spiral
gear unit



We produce reducers in strict accordance with ISO9001 standards and provide customers with high-quality reducers at competitive prices. Our gearboxes are equipped with accessories from internationally renowned brands, such as SKF brand oil seals, Shell brand lubricants, and NSK brand bearings. Housings and gears are produced under our company's strict quality control. All our products are in large stock, we can also provide you with customized reducer solutions, please feel free to contact us.
TRC: Gear device series code
1. No code indicates foot installation.
2.F: B5 flange installation
3.Z:B14 flange installation
Gear device specification code 01,02.03.04
B01, MO1...indicates the foot code, without flange
1.I.II1.B5 Output flange specification, you can leave it out by default
2. IEC input flange
3.HS: Shaft input
Gear ratio
1.M1: Installation location, the default installation location M1 is OK if you don’t write it out.
1.No mark means no motor
2. Model motor (number of poles) voltage-frequency
Voltage frequency
Motor coil position, the default position S is OK if you don’t write it
Taizhou Sihai Machinery Co., Ltd.
history:More than 20 years of experience in manufacturing reducer products. Scale: Covering an area of ​​13,300 square meters. m, with more than 113 employees.
technology: A group of professionals. Technical engineers and strong R&D team.
manage: Scientific ERP management and strict quality control system.
equipment: 50 CNC lathes and 6 mechanical processing machines. Center, 6 gear grinding machines, 2 high-speed hard tooth surface gear hobbing machines, 12 gear hobbing machines
machine. 10 CNC cylindrical grinders, 4 CNC internal cylindrical grinders, 1 spectrometer, 1 high-speed gear shaping machine,
The gear measurement center has 2 coordinate measuring machines and 1 coordinate measuring instrument.
Innovation: Continuously enrich product categories to meet customer needs. Production capacity: 1000 pieces/day.
Long-term supplier to world-class enterprises:The main markets are in Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
Marketing model: all export business.
Q1: How to choose a reducer that meets our requirements?
A1: Tell me the motor information, or provide drawings of relevant parameters of the motor, or take some clear photos of the motor and related equipment for me. I would appreciate it if you could tell me what type of reducer you originally used.

Q2: When is the best time to contact you?
No matter what time, I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Q3: How is the quality of your products?
A3: Quality will always be the foundation of our company. I recommend you buy a sample to evaluate the quality. Taizhou Sihai Machinery Co., Ltd. Engaged in reducer R&D, design and production for more than 20 years.

Q4. Do you offer tours?
A4: Yes! welcome! Give me advance notice.

Q5. How long does the delivery time take?
A5: We agreed at that time
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