Full size UPVC bell mouth conduit

Product details
port:Guangzhou or Shenzhenmodel:SF1131
Multiple choice:Elbows, tees, couplers, bending springs, etc.length:Regular 2.98M or customized
Packaging details:1) PVC conduit 25 pieces/bundle in PE bags 2) Approx. 50,800 pieces/1x40 container (approx. 1870 bundles, approx. 67 cubic meters)payment terms:L/C, Western Union, D/P, D/A, T/T, MoneyGram
Period of use:Over 50 years oldclass:a grade
Regular size:10mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mmtype:Straight pipe, flexible elbow, drainage pipe, rigid
brand:Shengfengcolor:White, gray, orange, blue, yellow, green, etc.
main products:Cable conduits, electrical conduits, wiring conduits, etc.Package preview:
Supply capacity:2000 tons per monthCertificate:CE, ISO, CCC
group:Flexible conduit PVC connectorMaterial:PVC
Place of origin:Guangdong, China
Product Details

Shengfeng PVC electrical conduit

Decorative construction real estate 40mm 2.3mm

1) Xinfeng PVC wire conduit is a pipe used to protect and route wires in buildings or non-building structures.

2) Xinfeng PVC wire conduit mainly includes two types: rigid wire conduit and flexible wire conduit.

3) Shingfong PVC conduit provides very good protection of enclosed conductors from impact, moisture and chemical vapors.

4) Shingfong PVC conduit can be installed underground between buildings, structures or equipment to facilitate the installation of power and communication cables.

5) There are specially designed electrical accessories available for connecting Shingfong PVC conduit.

Features of Shengfeng PVC conduit:

1) Impact and bear pressure;

2) Can be buried in concrete;
3) Anti-aging, no discoloration;
4) Moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistant;

5) Once leaving the fire scene, the fire in Xinfeng PVC pipe is extinguished immediately;
6) Various sizes available;
7) Provide OEM and ODM services;
8) Mainly two types: PVC straight pipe and PVC cold bent pipe

Catheter size
Packaging (pieces/bundle)
PVC conduit 10mm
1.10mm, 0.95mm
55g/m, 48g/m
50 pieces/bundle
PVC conduit 16mm
1.30mm, 1.10mm
110g/m, 93g/m
30 pieces/bundle
PVC conduit 20mm
1.40mm, 1.20mm
150g/m, 130g/m
25 pieces/bundle
PVC conduit 25mm
1.60mm, 1.40mm
216g/m, 190g/m
20 pieces/bundle
PVC conduit 32mm
2.10 mm
10 pieces/bundle
PVC pipe 40mm
10 pieces/bundle
PVC conduit 50mm
5 pieces/bundle
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