ARTECH EX710 Universal Caller ID DTMF/FSK to FSK/DTMF Converter

Product details
Additional strength required:No, powered by LINEchannel:one
brand:Yatektype:phone accessories
Origin:Taiwan, Chinapayment terms:L/C, D/P, D/P, T/T
Packaging Details:50PCS/boxinterface:Standard RJ11

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There are three main caller ID specifications in the world: DTMF, ETSI FSK and Bellcore FSK. When users purchase foreign telephone equipment (such as cordless phones, fax machines, or computer telephone interfaces), they may encounter the problem of mismatching caller ID standards. This will prevent the device from displaying caller ID. The EX220 can easily solve this problem. This product can receive all 3 caller ID formats and convert to FSK (Bellcore or ETSI optional) to match the standard of foreign calls.

The EX220 has a built-in rechargeable battery, which can be charged from the telephone line when it is not in use, so there is no need to use or replace the battery. Simply plug one end into your phone cord and the other into your phone device.
For example, if you live in the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, or India, the caller ID standard is DTMF. You purchased a cordless caller ID phone from the United States (using the Bellcore FSK standard) or Germany (using the ETSI FSK standard). You will not be able to use the Caller ID feature. In this case, just prepare an EX220 and connect it between the phone line and the cordless phone, and your cordless caller ID phone will immediately display the calling number.

1. British and Japanese standard telephone sets are not applicable.
2. In some countries, users must subscribe to telecommunication to use the caller ID service

Caller ID format conversion --- convert 3 types of caller ID (DTMF, Bellcore FSK or ETSI FSK) to ETSI FSK or Bellcore FSK (optional)
Date/Time Stamp --- DTMF Caller ID does not include a date/time stamp. Users can set the EX201's clock so every call is sent with the actual date and time stamp
Area Code Setting --- User can set area code to apply callback function easily
Line Powered Rechargeable Battery --- Simply connect the phone line and the built-in rechargeable battery draws power from the phone line, no external batteries or power supply required