CT-CID803 Caller ID Box Stop Harassing Calls Landline 2000 Number Capacity Blacklist Professional Call Blocker

Product details
weight:0.13 kgBlock entire area codes:up to 10 groups
Packaging Details:Neutral cartonNumber capacity:2000 groups
size:About 98x85x40mmtype:call blocking
Processing:very welcomepayment terms:L/C, Western Union, T/T, MoneyGram
model:CT-CID803Supply capacity:100000 pieces per month
port:ShenzhenOrigin:Guangdong, China
brand:OEM production
Product parameters
CT-CID803 Caller ID Box Stop Harassing Calls Landline 2000 Number Capacity Blacklist Professional Call Blocker
- This is the latest version of call blocker that blocks hidden or unavailable phone numbers. and there is no cost
Use it; the manual has also been updated to an improved manual with better English guidance.
- Block up to 1,500 individual phone numbers (both incoming and outgoing), prefixes and up to 10 area codes.
- One-click blacklist function, no need for manual operation, easy to operate; it is best to set up call blocker online (direct connection
to the phone, then to the phone line); while it can also be set up to work in parallel with the phone, some phone systems do not.
- Permanently store blacklisted numbers, even if the power goes out or the phone line is unplugged.
- It has a 3-line LCD display with a prominent "Blacklist" button.

- Key features include:
- Block up to 1,500 phone numbers in the blacklist;
- One-click blacklist operation;
- Block entire area codes (up to 10);
- Block calls without caller ID (appear as unknown, out of area, private, etc.);
- Block up to 1,500 outgoing phone numbers, prefixes or area codes;
- Store the last 100 incoming and 50 outgoing numbers;
- LCD display with 4 brightness levels;
- Line powered (no batteries or external power supply required);
- Compatible with FSK/DTMF and PSTN landlines
- Block area codes, country codes, international calls, private calls, unavailable calls.
- Dimensions: approx. 98x85x40mm

It works with almost all single-line phones, but not with VOIP phones, two-line phones, Bright House phones, and AT&T phones; If you find some numbers are blocked but you didn't mean to, please check your blacklist and Remove the numbers for those area or prefix numbers as they are the same

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