Smart electric bicycle accessories brushless motor hall sensor 3144 circuit board 41F 43F with wire

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Smart~ Electric bicycle accessories brushless motor hall sensor 3144 circuit board 41F 43F with wire  


Universal two-wheeled electric vehicle motor Hall board assembly, this product is divided into 120 degree and 60 degree phase angle (phase angle), please confirm the original motor phase angle before purchasing (the number of phase angles is generally labeled on the controller, If the smart controller can use 120 degrees), then the same number of phase angles can be used. 41F commonly used 350W to 1000W motors, 43F, 413 commonly used 1000W to 2000W motors. It is a Hall with superior performance, stable performance, sensitive induction and power saving, which can be used for motors from 350W to 5000W.


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1. Two wheels 13A 120 degrees
2.Tonwo-wheeled 413 120 degrees
3.Tonwo-wheeled 41F 120 degrees

4.Tonwo-wheeled 43F 120 degrees
5.Tonwo-wheeled 3144 120 degrees

6.TonDouble wheel 13A 60 degrees
7.Tonwo-wheeled 413 60 degrees
8.Tonwo-wheeled 41F 60 degrees

9.Tonwo-wheeled 43F 60 degrees
10.Tonwo-wheeled 3144 60 degrees


Hall Circuit Board with Wire Installation Instructions

(Power off during installation)


1. First remove the screws of the motor casing (mostly on one side, some special motors need to be removed on both sides), and open the motor casing.
2. Take out the stator of the motor (that is, the part with the copper wire), and you can see the Hall. Then remove the Hall element. Most Hall elements are held in place with glue. If you can't pull them out, use the tool to get the hall out of the slot. Be careful not to damage the copper wire when removing the Hall element. )
3. Clean the card slot in the hall and install the hall in its original position. The Hall element should be fully inserted into the Hall card slot. Be careful when inserting into the lobby. Do not use too much force to avoid breaking. Needle. After the hall is installed, it needs to be fixed with glue.
4. Hall wiring, red and black wires, positive and negative wires must be connected in color. The yellow-blue line is the signal line. There are two ways to connect the signal lines. They can be arranged in sequence or by the color of the line.
5. After the motor is covered, apply a layer of sealant on the motor cover to make the motor sealed and waterproof and keep the motor in good running condition.



Please confirm the Hall phase angle before installation.
Should be replaced with the same degree of Hall
Butt according to the color of the line
Fix the hall with glue
If the motor responds but does not turn after installation, you need to adjust the phase.


Phase debugging method


Swap the positions of the three thick (yellow-green-blue) wires connecting the controller and motor.


Distinguish the two-round Hall phase angle:


The Hall phase angles of the two-wheeled electric vehicles are 60 degrees and 120 degrees, respectively. How to distinguish 60 degrees and 120 degrees? Look at the phase angle (phase angle) on the controller or original Hall board. Most electric vehicles on the market are 120 degrees (most intelligent controllers use 120 degrees Hall). If you can't tell the difference, it is recommended to buy both 120 degrees and 60 degrees.


Hall model introduction:

Both 3144 and 41F are mainly used for small power motors below 1000 watts. Hall 3144 has low sensitivity, low price and low cost, mainly for the electric vehicle maintenance market.


41F Hall, with moderate sensor sensitivity, relatively stable performance, high cost performance, and economical benefits, is mainly for electric vehicle manufacturers, and is also one of the main Hall components supplied to the electric vehicle maintenance market.


43F Hall sensor has good sensitivity and stable performance. Most of them are used for electric three-wheels of 800 watts to 2000 watts, and a few are used for electric two-wheels.


413 Hall has high sensitivity, fast response, superior performance, temperature resistance, working temperature -40-150 ℃, suitable for high-power motors and low-power motors.


Buying Hall must see: After receiving the goods, please use a multimeter to check whether the Hall element is normal, and then install it. Since the Hall element is a consumable element, we are not responsible for any damage to the Hall element due to improper operation during the installation process. Therefore, after receiving the goods, customers must check whether the Hall elements are normal before installing them. thanks for your support.






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