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5-1000MHz 6 Way Indoor CATV Splitter details
type:indoor;Model Number:FP204;
Payment Terms:T/T;Port:shanghai;
Brand Name:Prevail;Place of Origin:Zhejiang China;
Packaging Detail:netural package;Supply Ability:400000 Piece/Pieces per Month;

catv splitter Features:
1) catv splitter Suitable for 5 ~ 1,000MHz single-directional or bi-directional
network transmission system


2) Has high isolation degree, low power consumption and flat frequency characteristic


3) catv splitter adopts resistance and capacitance mount component and zinc-alloy organic whole


4) Good waterproof performance: shell surface plating Sn-Ce and nether cover
using Sn 



type:indoor;Model Number:FP204;Payment Terms:T/T;Port:shanghai;Brand Name:Prevail;Place of Origin:Zhejiang China;Packaging Detail:netural package;Supp
above is detail introduction of 5-1000MHz 6 Way Indoor CATV Splitter, include price, model, picture and supplier of 5-1000MHz 6 Way Indoor CATV Splitter.

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