2025 AT-CM-031&A1 200W 50000RPM 10N.CM Best Price Hot Selling 3D Wood Carving Machine

Product details
feature:Pedal speed regulation, high speed, brushless micromotorPackage preview:
Energy source:electricalEngraving machine type:Wired engraving machine, micro motor engraving machine
product name:200W 50000RPM 10N.CM Best Price Hot Selling 3D Wood Carving MachineEngraving machine type:Electric micromotor engraving machine
Sales unit:Single productRotating speed:Maximum 1-50,000 rpm
application:glass, wood, plastic, metal, ceramicwarranty period:1 year
Packaging details:The handheld polishing machine loads the inner box and then puts it into the carton (OEM is accepted for box logo and printing design, if you can pay for the printing mold fee)Warranty:1 year
grade:lvmax engraving machine, DIY, industrial, 5um precision handheld denture grinding tool, AT-CM-031&A1 3D wood engraving machineIdentification:Customized logo acceptable
Maximum torque:10N.CMenter:220V(50/60HZ) / 110V / OEM acceptable
Single piece packaging size:33X28X15cmApplication scope:Denture processing, denture polishing, jewelry/wood/stone carving
Cutting edge material:Carbide, carbide diamond grit, metal, ceramicsCustomization support:OEM, ODM, OBM, input voltage OEM, output voltage OEM, handle speed OEM
Gross weight of single piece:3.200kg
Product Description
Production name
200W 50000RPM 10N.CM Best Price Hot Selling 3D Wood Carving Machine
Denture grinder input
110V/220V (50/60HZ)/OEM acceptable (please tell me you need 110V or 220V when placing order)
36V/ OEM acceptable (denture grinder standard 36V)
Rotating speed
Up to 50,000 rpm/ 60,000 rpm/ 90,000RPM/ OEM acceptable
Denture grinder grinding accessories
2.35mmOnly / 3mm / 3.175mm / OEM accepted (denture grinder standard is 2.35mm)
Brushless micro motor denture grinder
Denture grinder/engraving machine standard packaging
Packed in an inner box and then put into a carton; the inner box has English non-brand standard packaging, or OEM your brand OK
Item Number
AT-CM-031 & A1 Multifunctional Grinding Machine
sampling time
3-15 days
Mass production time
3-15 days (OEM styles need to check the design, estimated 10-30 days)
payment method200W 50000RPM 10N.CM Best Price Hot Selling 3D Wood Carving Machine
Paypal 5% bank fee; TT USD 50 baking fee per payment; Alibaba insurance contract 2.5% bank fee; Western Union without bank fee
Choose your preferred payment method
Phone model
AT-A1 50000/60000rpm brushless micromotor mobile phone
Maximum torque
10N.CM/ 3.5N.CM / 8N.CM / 12N.CM / OEM acceptable
Tool type
2.35mm / 3mm / 3.175mm / OEM accepted
103 Dual positioner
1. This product was developed for dental technicians. It can also be used in jewelry processing, manicure, polishing, handicraft engraving, mold processing, electronics and other industries.
Thank you for purchasing our products. Proper maintenance and timely replacement of product parts can extend the service life of the product.
In order to improve and upgrade the product, the appearance and configuration of the product may be adjusted without prior notice.
If a failure occurs, please report the product model and serial number. We will provide the fastest after-sales service and solutions.
2. Product warranty
The handle has a 6-month warranty, except for wearing parts. Such as three-leaf spring (chuck), shaft core, small shaft core, bearings; the control box and pedal are guaranteed for one year.
3. Charged services
Failure caused by user reasons:
3.1) Damage caused by using mismatched voltage
3.2) Damage caused by improper use or change of purpose
3.3) Damage caused by accidental falling during installation or movement
3.4) Damage caused by using non-original accessories
3.5) Damage caused by repairs not approved by our company or disassembly by users themselves
3.6) Damage caused by abnormal use
4. Maintenance suggestions
4.1) Please keep the area around the handle clean and dry
4.2) When there is dust and dirt inside or outside the handle, please wipe it with a small amount of alcohol, but avoid a large amount of alcohol or moisture from penetrating into the bearing. The inside of the handle cannot be filled with oil (the bearings will become too hot to use), nor can it be filled with water (the bearings will rust and be damaged)
4.3) You can use an air gun for cleaning, but be aware that the gas emitted by the air gun may contain moisture. Be sure to avoid water vapor blowing into the bearing to prevent rust.
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