SN520 SN509 SN524 plummer bearing seat bearing seat SN 520 SN 509 SN 524

  • Supplier: Jinan Focus Bearing Co., Ltd.
  • Region: Shandong, China
  • Contact: Ms Sara Lim
  • Price: $45.00 / 2 - 199 pieces
    $38.00 / >=200 pieces
  • Min. Order: 2 pieces
Product details
Applicable industries:Manufacturing plants, machine repair shops, food and beverage plants, farms, retail, energy and miningSupply capacity:1000 pieces per quarter
type:pillow blockPackage preview:
The original:Made in Japanapplication:Automobiles. Tractors. Construction machinery. Rolling mills
Place of origin:Japan ChinaWarranty:18 months
in stock:500 piecesBearing type:Split plummer housing bearing housing
Accuracy level:P0 P6payment terms:L/C, Western Union, D/P, D/A, T/T, MoneyGram
Material:Chrome steel GCR15model:SN 520 SN 509 SN524
feature:longevitybrand:FCS SK F OEM
sample:Availablebrand:China Japan
Bearing Type:SN 520 SN 509 SN524Packaging details:1. Bearing with seat 2. Laser marking on the bearing 3. Vacuum packed bearing 4. The outer packaging is colored plastic bag + box + carton, industrial standard packaging 5. According to customer requirements.
Product Description
SN520 SN509 SN524 plummer bearing seat bearing seat SN 520 SN 509 SN524
Housing SN 520 Y-shaped housing Y-shaped housing
Plummer housing bearing housing SN 520
Y-shaped housingY-shaped housing SN 509
Plummer housing bearing housing SN 509
Housing SN524 Y-type housing
Plummer housing bearing housing SN 520 SN 509 SN524
split type
Y-shaped housing
Split shell structure
Plummer housings bearing housing catalog
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Product display

Bearing seat with seatquality assurance
You can exchange or refund due to quality problems within 18 months.
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