Industrial brush, Strip brush, Guard brush, Civilian Dust Face Mask, Inner hole brush


  • Region: Anhui, China
  • Address: Building 4-7, No. 9, Jianyuan Road, Yuantan Town Industrial Park, Qianshan City
  • Contact: Mr. CiCO Liu
  • Phone: 86-0556-8953626
  • Fax:
  • Mobile: 13635514505

Company Description

Anhui Yichen Brush Co., Ltd. has rich experience in brush making, and has been engaged in the industry for ten years, focusing on surface treatment. Strengthen R&D investment, overcome difficulties, and become a brushmaking enterprise with certain influence in China. Looking forward to the future, Yichen Brush Industry will continue to focus on the brush industry, go international, pay attention to high-end brushing, and continue to focus on surface treatment. A hundred years of foundation, take this as a step!

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