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Company Description

Our company is a one-stop value-added service provider which takes manufacturer as the means and quality services as the final goal. We always bear this in mind: the satisfaction of our clients is the core we chase after. Our company possesses an experienced, energetic and professional team full of energy which is adept at production, technology, marketing and management. We are devoted to providing high-quality, quick and convenient, and satisfying services for our clients. We have introduced modern advanced PCB equipment for production and inspection from Germany and the United States. We are specialized in manufacturing special PCB such as high-precision double sided board, multi-layer board, buried via hole /blind via hole board, high TG thick copper foil board, high frequency board and hybrid medium high frequency multi-layer board. We provide samples and implement mass production for high-tech enterprises, such as communication, industrial control, electric power, medical treatment and consumer electronics. The improved management system has contributed to the precision and efficiency of the interior operation, and made the exterior operation more systematic and timely. That is the endeavor to produce more profits for our clients. Our principle for management is "providing the clients with excellent products, making them satisfied with our services." "Trustworthiness, responsibility, profession and innovation" is the operation philosophy that we always stick to. We will win the trust of clients by our professional manufacturing management, stable quality, exquisite technology and the improvement of the services.

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