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Company Description

Specialized in LED Switching Power SuppliesShenzhen Ming Jin Fang Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. (MJF) is a high-tech enterprise in China,dedicating in applying the latest technology to improve the power supply for LED lighting.Products are used in LED module lights, perforated lights, building lighting projects, a complete range of products, covering all the conventional models on the market (such as: Rain proof type, waterproof type, indoor common type, 5V, 7.5V 12V, 15V 24V, etc.) with its structural optimization, high performance ratio, randomness and other characteristics, to meet the real demand of customers for power, the products have been sold all over the world.It produces 600,000 units a monthThe factory, with more than 300 employees and four production lines, produces 600,000 pieces a month. LED switching power supply, rain proof, waterproof, indoor light box installation, 5V, 12V and 24V DC constant voltage output voltage, 60W to 1000W output power varies, can be widely used in advertising and decorative applications, display modules, light boxes, filament and more.We also provide customized products for our customers

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