Distillation Equipment/Evaporation Equipment/Extraction Machine/Filtration Machine/Chemical Reactors/Super Critical Co2 Machines/Chromatograph


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Company Description

Labfirst Scientific carefully design, manufacture and select the best lab equipment products for our customers worldwide. We do our best to improve our product line constantly.We know how important product quality is to your business, and thus our detail-oriented R&D and manufacturing team are always doing their best for product quality.Our sales team are qualified engineers. Thus We make sure that we know our products very well and are capable of providing professional suggestions before you make your decision.We also speak fluent English. So please feel free to call us for a real-time discussion in case you need to make decision real quick.Moreover, we have a super fast aftersales support. We ship replacement components via DHL/UPS Express, to make sure you get it in less than 1 week.

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