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Company Description

KERUI Petroleum is an international comprehensive industrial group committed to making the extraction of oil and gas more efficient, providing customers one-stop solutions including R&D of high-end oil and gas equipment, oil and gas energy engineering and oil field integration services, industry + internet platform services, industry training and human resource services. Taking the full advantages of equipment, technology, services, talents and platforms, and multi-field business models development, KERUI Petroleum is upgrading from solutions providing to a win-win eco-industrial chain.Business ScopeR&D of High-end Oil & Gas Equipment7 manufacturing bases, covering an area of 2.4 million square meters.Drilling and completion equipment R&D manufacture base, natural gas equipment manufacture base, oil & gas stimulation equipment manufacture base, intelligent artificial lift oil extraction equipment manufacture base, specialized nitrogen generation and injection equipment for oilfield manufacture base, offshore oil and gas equipment manufacture base, Falcon digital wellhead & well control equipment manufacture base in America.Intelligent drilling & completion equipment; specialized nitrogen generation and injection equipment for oilfield; natural gas compression equipment; wellhead well control equipment; Unconventional oil & gas exploration and development equipment; LNG production module; intelligent artificial lift oil extraction equipment; offshore oil & gas exploration equipment; Pumps series products.Oil & Gas Stimulation and New Energy DevelopmentOver 200 specialized technological service and oil & gas engineering teams for oil & gas field, offering high-quality system solutions to more than 100 oil & gas blocks in more than 20 countries around the world.Business covers old oil & gas field stimulation and resumption of production, coalbed methane, shale gas, geothermal and other energy development, providing oil & gas field development system solutions and integrated technical services to customers around the world.One-stop Solutions for Oil & Gas Engineering Value ChainFocusing on the development, storage, transportation and comprehensive utilization of oil and gas, providing customers with integrated engineering design, procurement, manufacturing, construction, operation and maintenance and management solutions, as well as the full life cycle engineering services.Industry + Internet Platform ServiceAn efficient supply chain service platform for the global oil & gas industry.Platform of trading for idle equipment.Talents Training Expert and Engineering Technology Think Tank in Global Oil & Gas Field .Building an international talents training and communication platform in the oil & gas field by gathering senior training experts, enterprise management experts and engineering technology experts, with the operation mode of "Internet & Training Resources Database & Human Resources Database & Engineering Technology Database" (generalized as "the network and three databases"). The Global Development:1.Overseas branches in 57 countries worldwide, 33 regional service centers and spare parts warehouses, business covers more than 80 countries, provides global services of"8 hours quick feedback"and"24 hours face to face interacting on site".2.Established branches in 45 countries and regions along "the Belt and Road", 21 regional service centers and spare parts warehouses, covering 61 countries nearby.3.Cooperating with 5000+ suppliers and partners in the world, providing high quality services and practical products to over 8000 customers across the world. Technology R&D:1.Established 16 technology R&D centers and scientific research laboratories in many regions of the world, including China, the United States, Singapore, Canada, and so on.2.Over 1000+ patented technologies and 1500+ research outcomes, 4% of the sales revenue as R&D investment per year.

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