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  • Region: China
  • Address: No. 240-246, Fengle North Road, Dasha Street, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
  • Contact: Mr JAY ZHAI
  • Phone: 01186-020-85551666
  • Mobile: 86-13802914983

Company Description

In the early 90th, Jin Wang Machinery was founded in Guangzhou China to develop the Aluminum alloy door and window frame processing machines that are practical, economic, and suitable to the state of China. These types of machines are especially high in demand in country like China, where the real estate industry has been rapidly rising and is still prosperous. They will also have potential in developing countries where the standard of living is getting better in time.Based on the technology they incorporated around the world, Jin Wang creatively simplify and refine their products in terms of the products' practicality, rationality and cost-performance. As a result, various types of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and digital Aluminum alloy window frame processing machines are developed. Nowadays, Jin Wang owns more than twenty national patents inclusive of entry, intermediate and advance level products. We currently increase our production not just intending to take over the local market in China; we are also aspired to refine our products to meet international standard and make a name in the world.

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