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Company Description

As a professional Memory and Storage Products manufacturer, Shenzhen HGD Technology Co., LTD (Huayitechno) was built in 2010. We have a wide product range from USB Flash drives, TF cards to SSD drives. With an average output of 500000pcs/month, we serve customers from the USA, Spain, Denmark, UK, Finland, Canada, Australia, etc. And some of them are well-known brands, like Walt-mart, MGB, Audi Motors, and other world famous brands.With the development of the Storage products, we launched the "HYBOUR" Brand for SSD drive as our own. Now it has grown into one of the most popular brands in the international market, due to the high quality and competitive prices. We are dedicated to serving middle and high end business customers widely.For Chips, we work with world Top-Rank companies, like SMI, Hynix, Micron, etc. That is the key to keeping the product in A class quality. With regular chips and flashes in stock, we are able to finish the order 2 days at most. And now we are able to provide 3 year guaranty for our productsRelying on the advantages of our own supply chain and technology, we are in the next decade of rapid development. We also hope that outstanding companies around the world can participate in building a better and more stable storage product supply chain. We will be waiting for you in the coming future.

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