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Company Description

Dalian Luobinsen was established in 2008, with abundant experience in the application of charging technology. It is the first company to have high-power fast-charging technology and successfully applied. The company focuses on the research and development of product technology, establishes a R&D company in cooperation with Dalian University of Technology to jointly carry out research and development of charging technology, and has now developed into a high-tech power equipment company that integrates independent research and development, manufacturing, sales service, and charging operation. The company's products include integrated chargers, split-type chargers, rack-type chargers, AC chargers, portable chargers, vehicle-mounted chargers, and "3N1P" intelligent management system which integrates charging network, vehicle network, internet and parking space management system. And the company could provide power distribution design, charging station layout planning, full set of product selection for charging station, operation and monitoring system management, operation maintenance and other integrated electric vehicle charging solutions according to different needs of customers.

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