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Company Description

Welcome to Eastop! Eastop is manufacturer and exporter committed to continuous advancements in hose and connector solutions, our products are comprehensive and diverse, widely used in industry, agriculture and home, suitable for many uses such as Air, Water, Oil, Gas, Chemical, Powder, Granule and many more. Our product range cover PVC hoses, PU hoses, Rubber hoses, Hose couplings and clamps, Hose assembly, Garden tools, etc.In a fast moving and increasingly less predictable market, through the ability to handle the unexpected and the readiness to recognize even the weakest signals coming from the market, We can make a difference. Flexibility becomes a key point in our company philosophy.Our goal is not just to sell. We care about the correct answer: the right material, the right technology, the right product. It represents an honor for us to cooperate with customers to achieve value-added. And we are constantly trying to search for new raw materials and manufacturing processes for our products to meet the updated satisfaction and expectations of our customers.Please contact us if you are looking for a trustworthy source. Each of your inquiries will be taken into account and get our response promptly. We will endeavor ourselves to deliver first-class products and tip-top services every time.

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