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Company Description

Nine Delong Machinery Co., Ltd. has extruder series, granulator series, mixer series and rubber special equipment, etc.;

 Extruders include: EPDM sheet extruder, EVA interior panel extruder, rubber sheet extruder, and other rubber and plastic sheet extruders;

 Granulator: cable material granulator, high filling masterbatch granulator, rubber granulator, calcium carbonate granulator, rubber accelerator granulator, PVC granulator, chemically cross-linked cable material granulator, Low-smoke halogen-free cable material granulator, CPE granulator, carbon black granulator and other plastic and rubber granulation units;

    Mixing machine: rear projection mixer, pressurized mixer, flip mixer, drop mixer (10,000 horsepower) and other series;

    Special for rubber: mixing machine; rubber mixing machine; flaking machine; granulating machine; scouring machine; rubber cutting machine; cold sheet machine; sheet discharging machine; mixing machine; welding machine;

We sincerely welcome people from all walks of life to visit our company and cooperate with us to jointly develop our ambitions.

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