Kebida 304 stainless steel fine thread wire thread insert M6*0.75M7*1 M8*1 M9*1.25M9*1.5

Product details
Packaging details:Plastic bag + cartonProvince:Henan Province
City:Xinxiang Cityproduct name:Wire sleeve
Supply capacity:100,000 pieces per weekprocess:CNC machining
Minimum order quantity:1000 piecesThreaded insert type:Metric thread inserts
size:M5-M12Customization support:Processing
color:silverPackage:Bag + carton
payment terms:L/C, Western Union, T/T, MoneyGramapplication:General industry, heavy industry
port:Shanghai, Qingdao, etc.origin:Chinese mainland
Material:Stainless steel
Product Description
product name
Wire thread insert
304SS, 316SS, Inconel X750, others
Thread type
Free running, screw locked
Stainless steel natural color, green, red, blue
FRM1.6-M56, SLM1.6-M56, others
The wire thread insert is a new type of internally threaded fastener, suitable for threaded connections. It is screwed and tightened into the threaded hole of one of the connected parts to form a standard internal thread, and then the bolt (or screw) is screwed into it. Also known as threaded screw sleeve, referred to as screw screw sleeve.
Ordinary thread insert
Helicoils free running blades
Mark "FR"
Locking thread insert
Spiral Coil Locking Insert
Mark "SL"
Colored thread inserts
Color can be customized according to customer needs
In the first process of thread inserts, round wire needs to be rolled into the diamond shape required to make thread inserts. We have a variety of wire materials, such as 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, X-750, TA2, etc.
In the second process of threaded inserts, after the required diamond shape of the threaded insert passes the inspection, it is produced into the size we need through our fully automatic threaded insert production equipment. We have a variety of sizes, including metric thread inserts, inch thread inserts, fine thread inserts, etc., which can also be customized according to customer needs.
After passing the inspection, the processed threaded inserts are packaged and put into storage. A large amount of ready stock can meet the needs of multiple customers. Welcome to visit.
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