Wholesale Metal Angle Plate Extruded L Shape 4040 4080 4 Hole Corner Bracket Connector

Product details
Key words:Aluminum profile connectorsize:Suitable for all series of aluminum profiles
color:silver or blackCertification:ISO9001
Package:cartonSales unit:Single product
Single piece packaging size:10X10X5cmmodel:LE-JJ-2020/JJ-3030/JJ-4040/JJ-4545
Name:Die-cast aluminum bracketPlace of origin:Hunan, China
shape:L shape, triangleSurface treatment:anodizing
Packaging details:1. Profile foam rubber and bubble film are packed in layers; 2. We use cartons for accessories to avoid damage and loss; 3. For profile frames, we use wooden boxes for packaging.Standard or non-standard:standard
Gross weight of single piece:2.000kgstructure:tripod
brand:Langeapplication:Aluminum profiles with different slot sizes
Material:Aluminum 6063
Aluminum hardware and components, the parts you need to complete your custom project

Aluminum extrusion profile accessoriesIt is necessary to assemble the aluminum profile frame. Standard T-slot aluminum profiles are divided into several series. (Such as 20 series, 30 series, etc.) and their accessories are also divided into series. Generally speaking, aluminum extrusion profile accessories include bolts, nuts, connectors, hinges, casters, etc. When planning to purchase, you should carefully confirm the profile model in conjunction with the product description.

Our company offers a variety of aluminum profile connectors to meet the needs of our customers. Our selection includes popular T-slot connectors, angle connectors, bolts and nuts, feet and brackets, wheels and casters, connecting plates and connectors. These accessories are high-quality designed and manufactured to ensure secure connections and reliable performance.

Our aluminum profile connectors are designed to be compatible with aluminum profiles of all sizes, thanks to
Standardized design. Known for their compact, lightweight design and quiet operation, they are suitable for a variety of applications. Accessories undergo rigorous testing and inspection to ensure their durability and long service life.
LangeHas a complete product line of aluminum T-slot profile/profile hardware and components. We have a wide variety of industrial aluminum hardware/components:

* Aluminum bracket
* Steel and aluminum leveling feet
*Steel and plastic handles and knobs
*Steel and plastic hinges
* Metric and standard screws
* Universal T-slot rolling nut for T-slot aluminum profiles/profiles

All of the following materials are used in the construction of aluminum T-slot products.
* Gusset* Washer* Bracket* Caster* Fastener* End Cap* Feet* Lever* Handle* More
Aluminum profile accessories

Commonly used accessories for connecting aluminum profiles include:
1. T-slot connector: T-slot connector is a common accessory used to connect aluminum profiles. They are usually made of metal. They are inserted into T-slots and fixed with bolts or nuts to connect two or more aluminum profiles to form various structures.

2. Corner connector: Angle connector is an accessory used to connect aluminum profiles, usually with a right-angled shape. They usually have multiple holes and slots for inserting and fixing aluminum profiles. Corner connectors can be used to build frames, brackets, and other structures.

3. Corner Connectors: Corner connectors are similar to angle connectors, but they are usually made of plastic or other non-metallic materials. They are corrosion resistant and can provide good insulating properties in certain applications.

4. Support feet and brackets: Support feet and brackets are used to support and stabilize the aluminum profile structure. They are usually made of metal and come in different shapes and sizes. Suitable support feet or brackets can be selected according to specific requirements.

5. Wheels and casters: Wheels and casters can be used to provide mobility to aluminum profile structures. They are usually mounted on brackets or bases, allowing the structure to be easily moved or repositioned.

6. Connecting plates and connectors: Connecting plates and connectors are accessories used to connect different parts of aluminum profiles. They feature multiple holes and slots for inserting and fixing aluminum profiles, creating a strong connection.

These are just some of the common aluminum profile joining accessories, there are many more types and variations available. Appropriate accessories can be selected based on specific application requirements.
Your premium aluminum profile accessories supplier
LangeAluminum profile accessories are necessary to assemble the aluminum profile frame. We provide a wide variety of aluminum profile accessories, which can basically meet the designers' needs for assembled aluminum structural frames.

LangeAluminum profile accessories provide a variety of accessories such as brackets, nuts, bolts, connectors, joints, hinges, handles, wheels, foot pads, end caps, etc., with various connection methods and no need for welding. They are very flexible, simple and fast. Users can choose specific connection methods according to their own needs.
T-slot accessories installation and slot connection details

LangeAluminum profile accessories have a wide range of advantages. Manufactured with simple planning using intuitive software tools, these aluminum profile accessories allow for quick assembly of aluminum profiles and offer numerous processing variants. All aluminum profile fittings meet the highest quality standards and sustainability requirements.

LangeAluminum profile accessories demonstrate the great flexibility of the aluminum profile system. It can also help you solve your
Complete specific tasks in the shortest possible time.

LangeAluminum profile accessories are commonly used in the assembly of various frames such as workbenches, workstations, conveyors, display cabinets, safety fences, etc., showing great flexibility in modular aluminum extrusion systems. It also helps you solve your specific task in the shortest possible time.

Q1: What type of supplier are we?
A: We are a supplier of standard T-groove and V-groove aluminum, but we have found that this is not what our customers need. Our clients want a company that is willing to go the extra mile to help them from start to finish. Since then, we have found our niche by becoming a full-service provider of custom industrial solutions. We believe that no project is too small, and we have never found a project too big to handle. From the beginning, we have been committed to meeting the needs of the industry and that is what we have been doing for the past 10 years. We not only provide materials, but also have a professional research and design technology department to provide all
Your benefit.

Q2: What is the normal length of standard aluminum profiles? Minimum order quantity?
Answer: The standard length of aluminum profiles is 6020mm, and the longest profile that can be shipped by sea is 6 meters. For the standard aluminum profiles and accessories we have in stock, low MOQ is acceptable. For customized aluminum profiles or non-stock products, a 300-500kg MOQ will be required to support the production line. If you can't order 300kg at a time, the setup cost can also support starting a small quantity order.

Q3: What is the delivery time for small orders and mass production?
A: It takes about 7 to 10 days to open a new mold, and then we will send trial samples to customers for approval before mass production. After sample approval, normal mass production of 40 high-Q containers takes about 10 to 15 days.

Q4: How can I get a quotation from your company?
A: In order to quote as quickly as possible, please provide us with as much of the following information as possible:
1).Detailed drawings (CAD/PDF/DWG/IGES/STEP)
4).Surface treatment
5).Any special packaging or other requirements

Q5: Can I have samples for testing?

A: Yes, we can provide customers with free samples worth less than US$50, but you know that international shipping is expensive, we will honestly hope that our customers can accept the shipping cost, absolutely, if the customer has a DHL or fedex account, we Can be sent soon and free samples will be provided.

Q6: What other uses are there for aluminum profiles?
Answer: Aluminum profiles have a wide range of applications, including standard and non-standard extruded aluminum profiles. Standard aluminum profiles are widely used in frame systems, assembly lines, conveyors, workbenches, machine protective covers, ladders and working platforms, metal fences, display racks, automotive aluminum shells, bridge systems, 3D printers, CNC routers, non-standard automation, hotlines Machines, laser cutting machines, camera sliders, robots, machine casings; Non-standard extruded aluminum profiles have high thermal and electrical conductivity and are used for radiators, heat sinks, air conditioners, electronics, building systems, precision pipes, flat extrusions Profiles, complex extruded profiles, cooling systems. Low weight to high strength ratio, railway materials, aerospace, construction and wires.

Q7: Which industries are aluminum profiles usually suitable for?
Answer: Aluminum profiles are also called industrial aluminum extruded profiles and industrial aluminum profiles. They are mainly made of aluminum and are then extruded through a die. They can have a variety of different cross-sections. Due to its good formability and processability, and the oxide film on the surface, it is beautiful, durable, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant. Due to the many advantages of industrial aluminum profiles, aluminum profiles can be used in many industry fields. With the development of society, aluminum The application rate of profiles is increasing year by year.

Q8: Which industries are specifically suitable for aluminum profiles?
Answer: First of all, aluminum profiles can be used in the transportation industry, including but not limited to automobile manufacturing and model frame production. Aluminum profiles can also be used for large maintenance platforms, such as airport platforms, maintenance equipment platforms, rising escalators, etc. Aluminum profiles can also be used for production line platforms in factory workshops, as well as factory conveyor belts, operating tables, etc. Electronics industry, etc. Aluminum profiles can also be used as protective covers for mechanical equipment, such as various dust-proof sealing covers.
Mechanical equipment, various safety protection fences, area partitions, screens, industrial fences and product display cabinets, etc. Aluminum profiles can be combined into frame structures, various shelves and material racks, shelves, display racks, work vehicles, etc. In addition, aluminum frames can also be used in the production of radiator products and home decoration.
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