500ml powerful environmentally friendly engine surface degreaser multi-purpose engine cleaner car engine surface cleaner

Product details
Main function:Removes engine grease, dirt, gum, and carbontype:Cleaning and cleaning
Physical state:liquiduse:Clean and care to remove engine grease, dirt, gum, and carbon
Packaging details:Packaging: 24 pieces/box We can customize packaging according to customer needs.Customized services:Accept OEM/ODM
Shelf life:3 yearsapplication:Clean engine surfaces, containers, kitchen hoods, and floor tiles
product name:Engine surface cleanerPlace of origin:Jiangsu, China
brand:OrgeronSupply capacity:60,000 pieces per day
weight:500 gsample:free
Package preview:expiration date:3 years
volume:500mlusage:Direct spraying
payment terms:L/C, Western Union, T/T, MoneyGram, to be negotiated
500 ml, 20 liters
expiration date
3 years
product name
Engine surface cleaner
Clean engine surfaces, etc.
Scope of application
Cars, motorcycles, tools, large machinery engine cleaning
Direct spraying
Powerful oil removal
Customized services
Accept OEM/ODM
Factory price/super effective cleaner
Product Description
1. It can automatically emulsify and naturally dissolve all light and heavy oil stains.
2. No corrosion to metal.
3. Suitable for cleaning the outer surface of new and old cars and motorcycle engines.

1. Wait for the engine to cool down before cleaning. 2. Spray this product evenly on the outer surface of the engine. 3. Rinse with clean water for 1-2 minutes.

attention:1. If it accidentally enters the mouth, nose or eyes, please rinse with plenty of water. 2. After spraying this product on the outer surface of the engine, it must be rinsed with clean water within 1-2 minutes. 3. Please keep away from children.

We welcome OEM/ODM cooperation.

1. Remove heavy stains
2. Rich foam
3. Anti-aging
4. Multifunctional

widely used:
1. Car engine cleaning
2. Motorcycle engine cleaning
3. Cleaning of large mechanical lathes
4. Cleaning of instruments and tools

1. Spray, then brush 2. Repeat, rinse with water and towel dry

Product parameters:
Name: Engine surface cleaner Capacity: 500ml Function: remove oil, remove carbon deposits, remove gum, remove stubborn dirt Scope of application: Decontamination of automobile and motorcycle engine surfaces, diesel engines, containers, kitchen range hoods, stoves, floor tiles and other shelves Lifespan: 3 years