High quality photography studio services AMZ professional product photography shooting services

  • Supplier: Huizhou Coolbang Industrial Limited
  • Region: Guangdong, China
  • Contact: Ms Elaine Huang
  • Price: $15.00 / 10 - 99 pieces
    $12.00 / 100 - 299 pieces
    $5.00 / >=300 pieces
  • Min. Order: 10 pieces
Product details
Private mold:NoServe:Product photography
Packaging details:The freight is set according to the system requirements and there is no reference. Please contact us for specific prices.deliver goods:5-7 working days
type:Home furnishing, hardware, jewelry, beauty, etc.model:sell like hot cakes
Place of origin:Guangdong, Chinaapplication:AMZ/eBay/online store/own business/poster.
brand:cool statepayment terms:Western Union, Wire Transfer, PayPal/Credit Card
product name:AMZ Listing Picture EBC/A+ Content Photography Service

AMZ launches image lifestyle graphic design EBC/A+ content photography services in China

company information


Packaging and shipping






(1)Do you charge based on photos or products?

We charge per photo. This means that if you have two products and require 3 photos of each product, you will be charged for a total of 6 photos.

(2)How do I pay?

Before starting your project, we will send you a quote with a payment link that you can use to accept the quote and pay. We accept all major credit cards.



(1)How do I ship my products to you?

Carefully package the products you would like us to photograph for you. It is very important that your reference number is included in the product box. If not, we may not be able to start your order because it will be difficult to identify your package. If shipping from Amazon, your reference number can be provided on the gift receipt or packing slip. The address is as follows.

Recipient address

Cool Bang Studio, 2nd Floor, Mufanhu Building, No. 31-38 Dongjiangsha Road, Huicheng District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China

product name


reference number

20190730-0** PI reference number
receiver Chen Yan
touch 181****5959












Please contact us for Chinese address.


(2) I have a very large product. Can you take a photo?

If you are sending an unusually large or heavy product, please contact us before shipping. We can accommodate large products and our production studio has roller shutter warehouse doors for shipping via freight. Products with the longest side exceeding 3 feet are subject to additional charges based on product size. While we have roll-up doors, we don’t have a loading dock or forklifts. Make sure goods are delivered via trucks equipped with lift gates.



(1)How can I tell you what I need?

There are 2 ways to provide matching images:

A.Show us a mobile phone photo
Place the product on a table and take a photo with your phone (it doesn't have to be pretty). When we receive your product, we match your camera angle or grouping arrangement, but we light and retouch it so it looks great.

B. Match existing images
Find an existing image online and we'll match it. Refer to the URL where they are located or take a screenshot and we will match the angles.


(2) How long does the photography project take??

Most items are delivered within 5-7 business days from the date we receive your product and payment. If your project involves a large number of photos, this may increase production time. During particularly busy periods delivery times may increase slightly, so please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to confirm estimated production times.


(3) What if I want to retake the image?

Our completely reasonable remake policy

*If you tell us clearly how to photograph your product and we fail to do so, we will re-photograph it for free.

*If you change your mind or want something different than what you specified in the description, this will be a paid remake.

*Minor Photoshop adjustments are always free.



deliver goods

(1) In what format are my photos sent?

We will send you photos with watermarks or lower resolution before you confirm the photos you need. Once you have confirmed all the photos you require, standard product photos will be provided as high-resolution, 300 DPI jpegs measuring 3000×3000 pixels using maximum quality settings.

(2) How to send photos of my finished product?

Finished photos are delivered via our private image hosting server. Once the project is completed, you will be given a unique link and password. Log in to our image server to view and instantly download your high-resolution images. Or we send it to you by email or by any other method you prefer.

(3) What kind of license comes with the image?

Upon final delivery, these photos will be licensed to you for royalty-free use. This means you are free to use the photos in any publication and distribute them as much as you wish without having to pay us royalties. We allow the use of these photos in all forms of publication, including print advertising, packaging, online, television, etc. We retain the copyright of the photos delivered and may not resell the photos to any third party without prior written permission.


For more needs/details please feel free to contact us. 




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