Small factory water treatment equipment groundwater well water reverse osmosis machinery RO filter mineral water manufacturing machine

Product details
Supply capacity:100 pieces per monthOrigin:Shandong Province, China
Marketing Type:Hot Products of 2021weight:80 kg
Warranty:1 yearMechanical test report:if
Package preview:Certification:CE certificate
Function:reverse osmosis water purificationpipeline:PVC
payment terms:L/C, Western Union, D/P, D/A, T/T, MoneyGramport:Qingdao
Membrane container:SS304product name:Water treatment machinery
Weight (kg):80 kgApplicable industries:Hotels, manufacturing plants, food and beverage factories, farms, restaurants, household, retail, food stores, food and beverage outlets
size:68*65*155 cmVideo outbound inspection:if
size:68*65*155 cmbrand:Qingqingquan
productivity:250 liters/hourVoltage:220V
strength:0.75 kWPackaging Details:wooden box
application:drink directlyCore component warranty:1 year
Health status:newweight:80 kg
Material:wooden boxtype:Pure water treatment system
Core components:PumpShowroom location:not any
Product Description
Small factory water treatment equipment groundwater well water reverse osmosis machinery RO filter mineral water manufacturing machine

Industrial reverse osmosis systems can purify different water sources such as tap water, rainwater, urban water, and groundwater. The purified water produced is widely used in all walks of life and has broad application prospects.

application:Electronic industry water, pharmaceutical industry water, chemical industry process water, power industry boiler feed water, food industry water, sea water, brackish water desalination, drinking pure water,

Common capacity: 250LPH, 500LPH, 750LPH, 1000LPH.

Process flow Raw water → 1. Booster pump → 2. Sand (multi-media) filter → 3. Activated carbon filter → 4. Softener (optional) → 5. Safety (micron) filter → 6. High pressure pump → 7 .Reverse osmosis system → 8. Ultraviolet sterilizer (ozone generator) → pure water storage tank
Functions of each part of the water treatment plant 1. Raw water pump - to provide pressure to the quartz sand filter/activated carbon filter 2. Quartz sand filter - to remove turbidity, suspended solids, organic matter, colloids, etc. 3. Activated carbon filter - —Removes color, free chloride, organic matter, harmful substances, etc. 4. Softener - used to replace calcium and magnesium "ions" in water. 5. Safety filter - to prevent large particles of impurities from entering the RO membrane, the precision is 5um 6. High pressure pump - to provide high pressure for the RO membrane. 7. RO system - the main part of the equipment. The desalination rate of the RO membrane can reach 99%, and more than 99% of the ions are removed. 8. UV Sterilizer or Ozone Generator - Kills Germs
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production capacity
250 liters per hour
0.75 kW
TDS range
Below 1500TDS
Applicable water source
well water, river water, tap water
Craft system
RO reverse osmosis
Machine material
stainless steel 304
scope of application
Factories, farms, schools, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, hotels, hospitals, etc.
Application field